A Game of Horse With a Wilson Combat Beretta 92G and 92FS

Hey gang, I’m Larry Vickers. My good buddy Ken Hackathorn. Yeah. We’re on the Vickers Tactical Youtube channel, and we’ve got a little shooting challenge we’re going to do. Now this guy, way back in the day, taught me some things about shooting competition. So we’re going to see if he can still stick it to me. Here’s the challenge. Instead of shooting pig, or horse, or whatever in basketball: we’re going to shoot gun. We’re going to come up with a series of drills. You’re going to get a letter assigned to you, and whichever one of us gets gunned first loses. The guns we have to use are the new Wilson Combat Beretta customized handguns. It turns out the Wilsons, a good friend of ours, is a big fan of the ’92 Beretta. They just now got into the arena of customizing Berretas. This is a couple. I got a 92G. Ken’s got a 92A1.


We’ll talk you through some of the features as we shoot.

All right, since I know the tradition in shooting is if you call the drill you’ve got to shoot it first. Here at the white mark. Double action at the head of each of our target. Whoever gets a shot closest to the center of the black paster wins.

Well that’ll be pretty easy ’cause these new Wilson pistols have got improved sight. A much improved rear sight. The beauty of these now got a fiber optic front.

Sure, the only issues is both of our eye sights are fading a little bit.

Yeah, and I’m probably ahead of you a little bit.

Let’s do it. I’m going first. I’m going hot. Double action headshot.

Yes sir.

Wow, I thought we were going to need a sundial there for a minute.

Son of a [bleep]. All right, doors wide open for you grandpa.

Okay, kid.

We got to go check that out.

We better go see who’s closer.

Yeah, a sundial? What the hell?

One was a stoplight one was a sundial.

Yeah, an hourglass for you. Let’s go check it out. Do the exact measurement there.

We got six o’clock on the paster. I’m a little halfway through the board hole. It’s pretty –

Oh, well let’s measure yours.

You want to get us transferred, and I actually look at it –

Come on! Jesus. Allow us to measure mine now.

Well you have to. You aim poorly.

Now we’re going from the center of the paster. [Cross talk] How did six o’clock?

No you get it from the edge of the paster.

Okay then, measure it from the edge.

It’s from the edge right here, 12 o’clock. Oh, come on man. It’s not even close.

Let me see!

Let me – Ray Charles could see I painted you on that one.

Oh my God.

No, not from the corner dude. You go from the middle of the paster.

Oh, come on. Let me see here. Dude it’s close! Come on. All right, I’ll give it to you. I want it duly noted though, here, how close this is. This is very close.

Pretty close, but –

Reality is we both sucked on it. So it ain’t like we can roll and roll.

Just tighten up, and do a little better.

All right, now it’s your turn to call the drill.


Okay, Ken before we move onto your drill let’s talk about the double action trigger pull, real quick. One, not only how to run one, but also the DA trigger pull on the Beretta, and then the Wilson Beretta.

Yeah, one of the beauties of Wilson’s custom guns is they do trigger jobs. As you know they called an old buddy, Ernie Langdon to show ‘em a little bit about it. These pistols have basically got an enhanced double action and single action trigger. Another thing they did is they took the trigger from what was the Beretta Birdtech, which you’ll notice is a much shorter return designed for people that have shorter fingers. It actually makes it easier to reach the trigger. For me it’s not an issue, but somebody with little girl hands like yours it’s probably a benefit.

Same sized hands as Rob Lathan –

You didn’t quite shoot like Rob Lathan.

That’s true [bleep] [bleep].


Okay, now…

Okay, I can’t blame the trigger pull so what’s up next?

Strong hand shooting. We just finished with starting double action so this will be single action, strong hand, and only one shot.

Okay, which dot?

Middle dot.

Middle dot, okay. Well you go first.

Get your sundial, and we’ll see what happens here.

All right, yeah, yeah.

[Gun shot]

Well done!

I left the door open for you.


Oh man.

[Gun shot]

Yeah, bee-atch! That’s what I’m talking about. Go down and read and weep. One down gramps.

There was nothing to say, but I sucked.

Yeah. Crunch-o for Ken.

Yeah, and you pounded a paster. All you got to do is nick it. It’s the same as hitting it in the center.

Okay, so now we both have a G. Let’s head back, and I’ll call out the girl.

All right.

All right, dude. Double action strong hand. Let’s use the same pasters. The center pasters, especially since yours is still pristine. I’ll go first.

[Gun shot]

Okay, a little bit high.

That’s not a bad shot Larry.

Not too bad, all right.

Thanks for that, all right.

Larry Vickers: Come on up.

No pressure.

It’s just tied. Don’t even think about the fact it’s tied.

[Gun shot]

Pretty close. I think there’s a chance yours might be a little closer.

I think mine is a little bit closer.


Let’s go check it out.

We’ll get our special measuring device out.

Yeah, a nine millimeter ball.

Do you want to go from the corner or the center?

Let’s do corner. It’s closer, and I want to help you out there.

Yeah, I need all the help I can get from you kid. Okay, it’s basically cartridge case length, all right. You got me by just a smidgen. An eighth of an inch.

Okay, so G-U, and G. Now it’s time for you to come up with a drill.

I got one.

All right, let’s do it.

Hey Ken, before we go between the two… If you had to pick one I’m guessing you’d pick the one with the light rail.

Yeah, I like that feature. They added a checkering surface here in the front, and the rear. Also, it has a double magazine on it.

Absolutely. Mine does too. Big difference. That’s a huge plus.

Huge man. One of the things I really like is these Wilson Combat stocks. Man, those are a really nice improvement to the gun. Now if you get a good bite they’re very attractive.

I agree, and if I were to set one of these up I would go with the light rail option.

Now I think yours is set up as a G.

Mine’s a G, and that’s a…

Yeah, mine’s just a standard 92FS decocker. Candidly, I would prefer the G anytime I could get one.

Yeah, absolutely and that’s my call too. If you’re going to pick a Beretta and you have the G as an option, that’s the way to go.

They do the conversion to regular bread is to the G configuration, which I think is going to be a smart move.

Oh absolutely. All right bro, what’s up?

We’re going to do a strong hand only single action shot.


All right. With a little twist, upside down.

Oh yeah, baby. Now you should me this, God knows how long ago, in 1911 because the way the disconnector works you want to make sure you take the mag out. Is it an issue with guns like the Beretta?

It’s really not, but we’re not going to chance fate, so to speak. We’ll toss the mag out, and nice thing about these pistols they fire with the mag removed. So we’re basically manually cock it, take the gun up, you’ll be pulling the trigger with your little finger. As you know, like we saw years ago, basically now you have to go 12 o’clock sight pictures instead of the 6 in the eyesight picture.

All right bro. Now straight up, you’re behind a power –

I know it!

Yeah your ass will be on the old folks home. Watch and learn, smoke and shit.

Wait a minute. Big talk for John Delucia at this point.

All right, here we go.

What luck.

I’ve got to admit, I haven’t done this in a while. I’ve never done it with a Beretta so it’ll be real nice to see how this shakes out.

[Gun shot]

Oh man, that’s painful. Painful.

Oh yeah, let’s go down and read it so he can weep it, baby.

Can I get a little funeral music?

Yeah, and a funeral procession. Wheel you in to the old folks home.

Yeah, I guess you’re going to say I did an upside down trigger snatch.

Yeah, basically.


I’m guessing you haven’t done that one in a while?

Yeah, right.

Not that it has a lot of practicality.

It has none.

One of the things I always liked for a drill like that, and any other drill, you’ve got to take yourself out of your comfort zone. Because the famous can happen online. If you’re training in your comfort zone…

You’re not learning anything.


Apparently I didn’t push you out very far. Yeah, nice shot. I’ll take that any day.

I beat you, but I’m confident, given another day, you could win just as easily.

Well I’d like to think that.

By and large, we’re fans of this gun.

Oh yeah.

They’ve been around for a while. If you treat them right, keep them lubed, remember to change the recoil springs these are good guns.

They have a bad rap by a lot of people in the military. I tell people, remember, for the first 50 years certainly well after World War II, the average guy really died from bleeding at the stomach.

Absolutely, absolutely.

We hear the same thing about that. The truth of the matter is they’re a soft shooting gun, it’s an accurate gun, incredibly reliable.


Bill Wilson said look, this is a U.S. service pistol. You know what? I made a lot of money and success. Now you can run a market. I’m going to address the next U.S. service pistol, which is the M92 Beretta.

Good deal. Hope you enjoyed it. These are good guns. Check ‘em out at Wilson Combat dot com.