Features Of The San Tan Tactical STT-15 Ambi Billet Lower Receiver

Ambidextrous controls on an AR-15 used to be a luxury. They used to be optional. Now the American shooting public and military and law enforcement communities are now demanding the ambidextrous controls be available on their AR-15’s. San Tan Tactical has answered that call with their brand new STT-15 billet lower receiver. The STT-15 is fully, truly, one hundred percent ambidextrous. The STT-15 is birthed from a solid block of billet set 7075 T651 aerospace grade American-made aluminum. It is designed on the latest state of the art cat equipment and machine on the highest quality Hoss CNC machinery for ultra tight tolerance. The result is a highly precisioned, lower receiver that comes out of the mill exactly the way it was designed in the cat software.

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After the STT-15 is machined, it gets a nice hard coat Type 3 anodizing. The STT-15 lower receiver weighs in at 9.4 ounces. It will work with any mil-spec or commercial buffer tube and stop. It has a very large magazine well. It is over 1.38 inches wide. This allows the well to be just wide enough to maintain tolerances, but also it allows it to accept high capacity sure fire magazines and standard magazines without any hindrance. There are also internally machined QD sling-attached swivel points in both the left and right hand side of the receiver.

Now the controls are the really important part. It has both ambidextrous bolt release and the ambidextrous magazine release on both the left and the right hand side. The lower wall will also accommodate an ambidextrous safety lever. The safety lever also has bullet markings on both sides. The lower also incorporates a set screw trigger creep adjustment feature, a set screw upper takedown tension adjustment, and has a milled shoot-ready finger rest, oversized winter churn guard, a dowel screw assembly, and ultra-grip texturing on all the controls. This makes feeling the controls and dexterity much better with gloves in a cold weather environment.

All of these ambidextrous controls and features combine into one great lower receiver. That’ll allow a left-handed shooter to use the firearm the way their body was designed to use it. They no longer have to worry about adapting their shooting style to a right-hand only lower receiver. The STT-15 is a hundred percent compatible with any mil-spec lower parts kit with the exception of the proprietary left-handed magazine release and the bolt drop.

The STT-15 will come fully assembled with the bolt catch and the magazine release fully installed. All you’ll need is your standard lower parts kit to complete your installation. The San Tan Tactical warranty is pretty straightforward and simple. If you are not happy for whatever reason, with your product, give them a call, let them know how you feel, and they’ll take care of it.

To top it off, all lower receivers and their parts kit are made in the good old US of A in Chandler Arizona. All the machining and work is done in-house by San Tan Tactical.