EOTech EXPS3 Review Video

Hey folks, I have here a new offering from EOTech. I have fired an EOTech before, but this is the first one that I’ve actually put on my rifles and played with and owned. It is outstanding. It’s the EXPS3 Tan.

This is how it was packaged, foam, you got the operators manual, warranty card it comes right in there. Here it is.

I’ve heard a lot about EOTech. And I know a lot of the guys have been using it overseas, but other than firing it a couple times, I don’t know a lot about them until I got this. I love it. It’s outstanding. It’s a lot nicer than what I thought it was gonna be.

I mean I had high expectations anyway. I like it even more than I thought I would. Now the different models the one I shot a long time ago, buddy’s rifle was a 512. There’s the EXPS2 which what’s nice about this, the 512 took up like this much rail space.

Then they shortened this. I believe that was the EXPS1. Then what they did is they raised it up and put it on a mount so instead of taking up this much rail space. Now it takes up this much rail space.

Then what they did for the EOTech EXPS3, is they added a quick detach mount, which I like. I always like quick detach mounts. It’s a very positive secure latch. When this is on here it’s not gonna come off. I mean it’s very tight, but it allows you take it off quickly. Press this button. Flip the switch. It comes off.

This is designed for, if you’ve ever use these if you haven’t, it’s designed for two eyes open shooting, takes one, two, three battery. It’s raised seven millimeters above the base, above the rail, which allows you iron sight access.

With the shortened base, it only takes up 2 ¾ inch of rail space. The battery cap and latch have been eliminated and replaced with an O-ring and a tethered cap, right here. A better seal is achieved.

Battery compartment is now separated from the base, which allows it to hover over the delta ring of the rifle, which is part of as far as if you want to put on any other options like night vision you can mount it forward. It gives you more space for that.

Average battery life at level 12 brightness is 500 to 600 hours, which is a lot. A battery should last you well more over of a year. I’ve heard of some guys talking about the batteries last them a couple of years. I think it’s a general rule of thumb if you’re using this for self-defense, home-defense anything like that just replace them every January 1st and you’ll never have to worry about it.

Side buttons, NV compatible. Here’s the sight adjustment down to the right. Here’s the night vision button. To turn it on, just press one of these buttons, turn it off hold both of them down. This is your brightness.

This has a really excellent dot. They advertise it’s the smallest dot out of all the night sights. I do believe that. It’s an extremely small aiming dot, which has allowed me to get an accuracy that I wasn’t prepared for. I didn’t know accuracy was gonna be as good as what it is. I am gonna zoom in here a little bit.

I’m not getting that dot. There we go. See on camera that dot does not show up very good. I’d like to show you this dot, but on camera, it just does not show up very good it kind of shows up like a big blob, which is unfortunate. This is what it shows up like on camera, but that’s not what it looks like it in real life. In real life, it’s a nice dot.

The optics it’s a transmission holograph, parallax free. Magnification is one times. Eye relief is unlimited, which is something I really like about this too. I have seen this mounted on Kalashnikov’s way forward on the frame of it. I’ve seen it on CZ58s. You can mount this way, way forward.

Unlimited eye relief and that’s something I like about that quite a bit. Weighs 11.2 ounces since it only uses the one battery, it’s pretty light, waterproof, submersible to 33 feet. Temperature range is negative 40 to 150 Fahrenheit. Has a fog proof internal optics, .5 MOA adjustment at 100 yards, mounts on one-inch Weaver or picatinny rail, Mil standard 1913 rail.

It is adjustable for width variation, so if you mount it on one that’s not standard, which I have a shotgun that is the MK1919 that does not have a standard rail on it. It’s a little bit thicker. This mounts on there just fine.

Has an anti-glare coating. The window dimensions are 1.2 inch by .85 inch. It is solid glass material in the front. Rear window is shatter resistant laminate. Field of view at a hundred yards is 30 yards at a four-inch eye relief.

After eight hours it auto shuts down. You can program it so that it shuts down after four hours. Suggested retail is 639. I have been extremely happy with this sight as I said. It’s more accurate than I thought it would be. The nice thing about the really small dot is that it allows you to shoot at a further range.

I’ve shot another of the big three in red dot sights, I’ve shot and at a hundred yards, the dot pretty much covers up a man-sized target. So it’s kind of hard to get precise aiming. With this, it’s a little bit finer reticle and you can actually aim further out and get more precise shots on target.

I’ve been extremely satisfied with it. It’s built extremely well. So I have no doubt that this will give me a lifetime of use. You know I’ve been around black rifles all my life, so whenever I see a gun accessory that is a color other than black I really like it.

I like things that are different. You can get this in black or you can get like this one in tan. If you have any questions let me know, Semper Fi.