EOTech 551 Holographic Sight Review Video

What’s up, YouTube? Welcome to Musty Yeti’s Tactical HQ. This video is going to be taking a closer look at my EOTech 551.

This EOTech uses an N Type battery which gives it a smaller base, especially when compared with its bigger brothers that use Double-A batteries. If you guys are concerned with the availability of the N Type battery, I really wouldn’t sweat it. They are just as easy to find as Double-A batteries and I can find them in any convenience store or gas station in my own town.

They’re easy to change, you simply pop this lever up, pull this piece out, put two new batteries in it, pop it back into place, push that down and you’re good to go. A nice easy change there.


Like I said, my first video has a 65 MOA Circle with 1 MOA aiming dot. It’s compatible with night vision systems, it has a strong aluminum hood here to protect your EOTech from getting damaged, with holes cut out for adjustment. I believe their website says that each click is 0.5 MOA or half an inch at 100 yards.

You can attach any dovetail or picatinny Rail with a screw on the other side. This is a non-magnifying sight, it simply allows you to aim with both eyes open. It has three levels of brightness, I think it has more with night vision – I think it has ten more.

It weighs 8.8 ounces, it is waterproof down to 33 feet, which is definitely fine by me, I don’t plan on taking this thing scuba-diving with me. The internal optics are fog-proof, so no worries there.

It’s surface is a non-reflective black coating so you won’t give yourself away. Like I mentioned before, it has 200 hours of continuous battery life and is set to shut down in eight hours but can be programmed to do it in four.

Definitely the nicest thing about this EOTech is its cost. Like I said, I got it for $470 and other EOTechs out there are well over five.

All right, guys, I went ahead and took it off to give you a quick 360 view of this thing. One of the things I forgot to mention – the nice thing about this EOTech is it eliminates blind spots and tunnel vision because you can use both eyes open.

The internal components are encapsulated in a shock-proof resin which shields against dirt and water. It has a shatter-proof lens which has anti-glare coating, and also the reticle cannot be seen from the front, only the operator in back can see it.

I’m going to go and put it back on the rifle and show you guys the actual sight itself.

All right guys, here we go. This is the backsight of my EOTech 551. To turn it on, we simply tap the “Brightness Up” button. You can tap it or hold it down. Same goes for, you can tap it or hold it down. It has a night vision button here, to make it instantly disappear. You turn off by simply pressing both buttons.

The nicest thing about this EOTech is its point-of-aim, point-of-impact – as long as you see that little dot, where that dot is is where the bullet is going. Doesn’t matter if it’s up here, down there, over there, doesn’t matter. As long as you see that sight, you’re good to go. You can also co-witness it, like I did … There we go.

The aluminum frame just disappears when you’re shooting with both eyes open, and high levels of stress – you’re going to keep both eyes open. I definitely wouldn’t rely on iron sights. I would recommend an EOTech or Aimpoint to anybody, just anything that allows you to practice with both eyes open.

I think that’s about it guys. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you soon.