EOTech 516 Review & POV Shooting Video

We’re in the woods today with the AR-15 223 Remington. Also handles the 5.56-millimeter and 8.0. This is a Rock River Arms upper, 16-inch barrel Bushmaster lower receiver, and is topped off with the EOTech Model 516.

When I did a review of the EOTech I had a sight in session at 50 yards that should have been zeroed at 200. Today we’re going to find out if I’m in the zone at 200 yards.

Going for center. I might go for a headshot. I don’t have any magnification on this. Headshot, it tipped. I don’t know where it hit. Obviously you do. Come back down. All right I’m clear. Let’s go take a look at it.


Should have reversed the contrast on this. I think it would have been easier for you to see the hits. I really couldn’t tell where they were hitting. We got one coming in right here. It looks like we have several in this area right here, and right here.

So I’m running generally with my best zone. Looks like about a two, maybe three-inch group. I’ve got one down here. One up here on the shoulder. One I am really proud of, and get this in the light, is that one. That’s my headshot.

Next up is the steel popper 8×16 inches. It’s going to be set up at 210 yards. Also monitored by a remote camera. And I’m clear. Let’s take a look.

Wow, that’s a better group than what I had at 170 yards. And obviously you saw it before I did, but these are headshots. This could be covered by my hand. It’s 210 yards, and as you can see as we get closer these full-metal jacket 223 at just over 200 yards on the AR 500 steel barely even give it a scratch.

Next stop, standing tall. At least four of them. 12 inch steel plates set up at 210 yards. This is a crappy setup boys and girls. I can barely see the plate on the left. Far left. It is partially obstructed by a tree. As far as my brightness, I am about three clicks up from the lowest level of brightness, and I’m hanging off the edge of this platform.

I’m not going to tell you where I’m going. You’ll just have to be surprised because I don’t know where I’m going at either. I was trying to hit that. I think this next one is the one on the ground if I’m not mistaken. Did it fall? Can’t tell. Okay. Last one’s the toughest. Gonna have to shave the right side of it. Shoot. All right. I’m happy with that.

Here’s the first drop, or first hit. Center mass. Pretty good center mass for the nose shot at 210 yards. These are also AR 500 steel. These particular disks weight about 12 ounces each. They are from Mike Gibson Targets out of Idaho. I get that question about every other day. Here’s another one. Good center mass hit.

The one on the ground, I could just see a blob after I made that hit. I didn’t want to take a chance on a second shot and didn’t think it was necessary. It got the job done. Somebody stuck their head up out the ground and took a punch.

The next one, three o’clock on these plates it does a pretty good spin and drops them with this velocity bullet. And finally, last but not least the problem child. When I was setting up the targets up here on the hillside, I thought I could see the target stand or see this target from the stand, but there was a lot of trees between here and there.

When I got set up I said, aww crap. I could really see from maybe from here over. Three inches at the most, which is not a lot with no magnification at that distance. So had a miss, but the hit is exactly where I was aiming. Exactly where this needed to go to make the drop.

So if you think that AR System for a platform with a 16-inch barrel in a sight system such as this does not have accuracy potential, you might want to take another look at it. This is just out of the box, 55 grain, 223 full metal jacket. And today I felt really good about my setup. Thanks for watching.