Ed Brown Kobra Carry 1911 Video

Hey, Hickok here again. You know me I love glocks. The reason I love glocks, or like glocks so much, is that they’re so practical and so reliable. They’ve got everything you need and nothing you don’t as the old Nissan commercial used to say.

Well, I also like 1911s and many other guns as you’ve probably figured out from my videos. Well today I would let you take a look at a Kobra Carry 1911. This is a really nice carry 1911. If you found this or you searched and got to it you probably have a reason.

Maybe you’re considering one and you’d like to see it up close. See it in action perhaps. I thought I’d do that today. It’s unloaded. Magazine full of bullets. Big fat 45s of course. And let’s check the chamber. It’s empty.

Kobra Carry made by Ed Brown … one reason I like this gun in a 1911, nothing historical about the specific gun, obviously design is almost 100 years old now as well as the cartridge. As you can see it’s commander size, probably already know that.

And it is stainless. Has the interesting snake stippling here instead of the standard serrations. They work very well. If you’ve been considering one of these and you’re wondering how those serrations feel, they feel great. I’ve operated with sweaty hands and everything, and that’s a pet peeve of mine – guns that don’t have a really good sharp serrations that you can get a grasp on.

These are wonderful. You’ll notice the front strap and the back strap. Give you a closer view of that. You have the same action there. Of course you can find these pictures of these on the Internet. I’m not really showing you anything you can’t get a picture of.

And this has Trijicon sights. Well, I don’t know if Novak makes those for Trijicon and they put the treating inserts in them. To me they’re just like the Novak low-mount sights, which I think they must be, if not they are the same contour and profile, which I’ve always liked.

I’m not a big night sight fan, necessarily, my only criticism with the gun or the night sight, the front side, doesn’t give me really good visibility on the front side. I have trouble picking it up. I guess I’m spoiled by glocks. Other than that it’s just a wonderful piece.

Seems utterly reliable. I’m going to be shooting it here in a minute with a handloads 230-gran hardball handloads factory equivalent to one handloads. Old brass mixtures of brass, we’ll see how it does with all that.

So far it’s done fine. I haven’t shot it too awfully much, and with a variety of magazines. I think I got my McCormick magazine, the Ed Brown magazine, you know Wilson magazine. Who knows what else – three or four different magazines there.

That is it. As I say you got pretty much a standard gun in a lot of ways. You have a standard slide lock. Slide release, slide lock. Nothing extended. Again something you don’t necessarily need. What I like about it is it doesn’t have that crazy extended guide rod. You may like those. I don’t.

Long trigger. Flat main spring housing. Of course the bobtail is a little unique. You might like that, you might not. Some people do, some people don’t. I kind of like it. It’s nice. You have a standard frame on this gun, a standard 1911 frame. It’s the full length, but by knocking that corner off it makes a big difference and feel and carry or however you want to use the gun.

So Ed Brown Kobra Carry. Let’s just take a few shots with this gun, okay? So, let’s load him up and get the sweat out of my eyes. It’s a nice cold 95-degree day, so I’ll get my earmuffs on. Find a loaded magazine.

Why don’t we just take a few shots from up here in the camera to begin with. I’ve got a paper target up today as you can see. I normally don’t have that.  Shoots right where you hold it. You can see that’s 45 holes. That’s about 7 yards or so. Not a tough target.

Feels good. It really feels good. Let me grab another magazine here and go on out a little bit further. Sweet gun. Sweet gun. This is the only commander size 1911 I have. I really cannot tell a great deal of difference in recoil or anything between this and the full size government.

Maybe you can. This is an all-stainless gun by the way. The frame is stainless, it’s not a lightweight commander. Recoil is manageable even though it’s a big .45 caliber slug, it does just fine. She’s great. Let’s see if I can find some more ammo. Here, yeah, and maybe we’ll take it out a little bit farther here. Okay. Watch my muzzle direction here.

Let’s go across the hill at 50, 60, 70 yards and see what she can do. Let’s go for 80 and see if we can hit the gong.  All right.  Nice.  A couple misses. That’s fun.

Okay, Kobra Carry. I don’t know if that’s answering your questions. But it’s a pretty nice gun. It feels good. It functions with every magazine I have – five or six different types of magazines. Some of them old, maybe even a couple of them might have weaker springs. I don’t know. I don’t keep up with 1911 magazines as well as I used to.

They ain’t lying around a lot. The thing I did not talk about was the high ride beaver tail. Again I don’t get any money from Ed Brown or Glock or anybody else, but he makes one of my favorite high ride beaver tails. If you’re ever going to install a high ride beaver tail on a 1911, his really puts it up high and it feels great.

So gun seems to function fine. It seems to shoot right on. And I think I like it. I think I’ll keep it.