Ed Brown 1911 Special Forces Video

That’ll teach you. That’s enough I guess from right here. Yes, Hickok 45 sporting another Ed Brown, this one’s not mine this time. This one is a T&E pistol that the Brown family sent me, I’ve requested, glad to have it. It’s called the Special Forces. So let’s take a look at it and let’s do a shoot all right. Not a lot of mysteries about the Ed Brown 1911 so, just about anybody that knows high quality, custom 1911s knows that Wilson Combat, Les Baer, Nighthawk, did I leave anybody out? They all make great guns and Ed Brown in particular.

These are really quality pieces and obviously I would not have bought the Kobra Carry several years back if I did not like them. I have it out here. I’m not going to shoot it probably but it’s just a nice little pistol, another example of high quality 1911ism. Of course, that’s one of the questions you know, do you really need to spend 25 hundred, $3,000 for a 1911 to get what you want? Well no you don’t but some people do.


I tell you I talk to Wilson Combat, we – they sent us a T&E shotgun, what’s it been I guess a couple of years ago already? Talked to him about a 1911 and I think they might, I’m not sure. The problem with these custom companies like this is they can’t fill their orders fast enough. It’s a nice problem to have when you’ve got $3,000 pistols but they really can’t. They have a hard time keeping up so they’re not really interested much in promotion so. Yeah, I’ve got – I eventually like to get a Nighthawk and Les Baer.

I’ve had Ed Brown and I think I might get a Wilson at some point. It’s just I guess to compare in a way but they’re all just really high quality. It’s not like there’s a big, big difference in terms of the way they’re made and the quality. Now they would all maintain that each company does it the best, of course. Boy, anything you read about Ed Brown, almost anything you read, they are really, really well made. Let’s take a couple more shots before we look at it a little more closely. I happen to have a couple of magazines here. I think I had one I stuck in my pocket. Ooh, look at that, ammo.

Thanks to a federal, we appreciate them furnishing the food for this high dollar 1911. Oh boy, 230 grain and that’s what they like. That’s what I like, let’s put it back in the holster here, the gun side holster. I’ve had that for ooh, what, 25 years. Still works, if I do.

A two liter did I get all the two liters? There’s a pot that needs smoking. Not bad. Aw man, the trigger’s nice. I think I’m going to pop the cowboy over that cinder block, yeah. Nice, nice how about that red – nice size, nice trigger, that’s what you get when you pay the big bucks. I tell you, you get a heck of a trigger. Speaking of pots – and two liter.

So sweet, I tell you what, that is a one – one nice trigger. Those of you who have fired a 1911 that has a really nice trigger, you know what I’m talking about. In fact a lot of them out of the box these days have a pretty good trigger. When you buy a custom gun like this you get an incredible trigger generally speaking. I mean, you should right for that kind of money? So, we’ll lay it down there a second. Nice looking gun. I particularly am fond of 1911s like this that – it really, at first glance, if this was on a display case you would think, “OK, is that a Colt, what is that?

Oh, that’s an Ed Brown,” because it’s not all dressed up, not all gussied up with a lot of extras. You don’t have a rail and you don’t have set rations out here on the front of the slide. You have what I say, in my opinion, for me, I’m speaking for myself. It has everything you need and not much that you don’t need. It has well nothing you don’t need probably. It does have a lot of things that you don’t need. I like the stippling, the really nice checkering that’s done a little bit differently there.

The grips are phenomenal, you get an incredible grasp on it, the grip, it just locks in but yet it doesn’t hurt your hand. I like that. It just makes a world of difference. You got your sights, your Novak sights there, of course night sights. Your beaver tail, now I think this has one of the famous Ed Brown high ride beaver tails. I think he puts one of his own Beaver tails on it. I think he might. Yeah, man, back when I started shooting high PSC in the late 80s, that was the, I’m not sure how far it goes back, but I know he came up with that. I guess he patented it early on.

That high ride beaver tail was the thing, that’s what everybody wanted on their gun. Once I felt one of these I didn’t want anything else on my series 70 because I had a gunsmith doctored up. I had Bomar sights on them, which everybody was putting on at the time and I had to have an Ed Brown high ride Beaver tail. You get your hand up high on it. That’s how they got started as I understand, making quality gun parts and then started making firearms.

That was, that was the ticket boy. To this day, and the reason I have this rock island armory on here is, it doesn’t have the Ed Brown on it but it has kind of a similar one. They know that that’s what people want. They want a grip to get your hand up as high as you can. Once you’ve had one of these, some of the other types of extended beaver tails, even if they’re pretty nice, look nice and feel pretty good to the average person, they don’t feel as good as one of these because you get up a little higher – just a wonderful feel.

So, and of course, the other reason I have the Rock Island armory out here is if you notice these two pistols – we’re not going to do a big comparison here would be funny wouldn’t it? A farce I guess. They have a lot of the same features as you look at them. There’s really not any difference, you reckon. I mean look, this gun’s about $450, this one’s at least 25 hundred, yeah so this one’s overpriced a couple thousand dollars right?

Some of you would agree but only if you’re really ignorant, and I use that term as it should be used. If you just don’t know the difference you might say that because that gun looks like it has a lot of the same parts but the difference is, and again, I’m not selling Ed Browns I’m just – I like 1911s OK, I don’t really carry one. The reason I carry this one is I really had again for the high quality 1911 and thought I might carry it. I have a few times, but generally speaking I don’t.

I stick to the same manual arms, but I know if I want to – get that sudden urge, got to carry me a 1911 this week, I’ve got a really good one here. I’ve got a really great, OK – the bobtail, which Ed Brown also trademarked I think and came up with. Just a nice little package if I want to. I lost track of what I was saying, probably wasn’t important. I wanted a really high quality 1911 maybe that had the best high ride beaver tail on it and everything just felt great. That’s why I ended up with that. Not a lot of extras that I didn’t really want.

I don’t like full length rods as you know. That’s one of the things I like about – most of the Ed Browns don’t have that. I don’t think he really cares that much for them that much either. Some people actually want them and he has one that he puts on some of his custom pistols. I think it’s a two piece so it’s not quite so hard to get out. You see, this one doesn’t have it. It’s got the standard, kind of the GI plug and guide rod and everything – spring, which I prefer. A lot of people just might even laugh at that, “You’re going to pay 25 hundred, $3,000 for a pistol and you don’t even have a full length guide rod,” but I don’t really like those to tell you the truth.

So this pistol it has the basics that make it just really, really shootable. Good grip, you got the beaver tail, commander hammer, get up high on it. You got nice sights. This one doesn’t have the ambi- thumb safety which I like, or I like the fact it does not have it. It’s just a – kind of a minimalist custom gun really. Great, it’s a great gun. Let’s take a couple of more shots. Do I have any more ammo? Let me load a magazine here so I can shoot more than I gab. You don’t want to hear me gab do you?

So, like I was saying, I’m glad to be able to get another Ed Brown on the table here, the Special Forces. You know, I’d like to have the thing, it is neat, it is really sweet, great shooter. They’re expensive and you know, what you get with that, while I load these mags, let me, I do talk to you a little bit about it. The things you don’t get with a gun like this is you don’t get the – almost everything in here comes from forged material. Forged steel and it’s cut out in a precision way. Its hand fitted. Guns are tested and tested as I understand by people in the Brown family.

So the guns generally just don’t get out of there when they don’t work. I’m sure there are exceptions but that’s what you get. You can machine certain parts or you can stamp out certain parts that look the same from mold injected metal and different things. You can get a nice gun that actually is pretty reliable but it’s kind of like cars I guess. You can get a car for 15 hundred dollars that’ll get you where you want to go and even maybe be pretty reliable. But then again, you can get a car for 80,000 or 100,000 that’ll get you where you want to go.

Maybe you don’t need it but if money is not an object then it might be something that a person saves up for and wants. I don’t know. Kind of like these guns and it has been concluded by some that if you are going to carry a 1911, maybe it should be one of your goals to obtain a custom 1911 because you’re going to increase your reliability factor. I have one more magazine somewhere but I guess it’s not essential that I have it. Did ya’ll see where I put it? Did ya’ll find it somewhere? You see, that’s where it is, in my pocket.

Senility  you knew it’d hit me sooner or later. Actually hit me a long time ago, that’s why ya’ll watch. Makes you feel smart see. You see me, hear me, think, “Wow, I used to think I was really average intelligence,” now you feel like a genius right? All right, got some old school mag pouches. These here I used back in the 80s when I was feeling a little upset game there. All right, we’re cool. It really is neat having this gun at the compound – guns like this because these are hard to get. Like I said, people that make these guns in this caliber, I mean that, the pun intended.

This level of quality, you know, they’re just in demand and you gotta wonder, I know it sounds crazy. Guns that cost 25 hundred dollars, $3,000 you mean they can’t make them fast enough? That’s right. Most of these are back-ordered. I don’t know what the Brown’s back order list looks like but you’ll hear things like a year to get one if you wanted to order one. I don’t know where they stand right now but anyway.

It is a lot of money but you’ve got, again, all – basically all forgings and hand fitted and just high quality. You can tell when you work it and pull the slide back and the trigger and everything. Now, sure as I say that it’s going to malfunction, nothing’s perfect. It hasn’t yet, I’ll have to say. Let’s put some on the gong here. All right, if it can’t hit the gong then it is – it’s not worth $25 much less 25 hundred. Of course I have something to do with that, I could just miss it with anything. It feels good, nice trigger – just to show you this, look at this barrel here. I mean, there’s something about it.

It just makes you want to cut loose with it, it really does. Even on a hot day when you’re perspiring like crazy. Speaking of that, Mr. Watermelon and watermelon always tastes good on a day like today. Mr. Cinder block needs a little 45 action on it. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Oh boy 45 feels good out of this gun. There’s nothing about this thing that doesn’t feel like it was just – it’s a little bit tight because it’s brand new. Oh man and it just feels great. You got just the right amount of texture on those grips. When you are locked in you are locked in. You feel like you could be in the Special Forces, going into combat right?

If you buy one of these you’re a true soldier – just a gorgeous gun. You might not thing that it’s not that gorgeous. Whether it’s a Colt or an Ed Brown or anything that – in this configuration this is really what I prefer. Exactly what this gun has on it, that’s what I like. Just give me one of this and I am happy. Great trigger and everything you need. Sweet, let’s shoot it a little bit more. Ya’ll in a hurry, need to get away? Let’s shoot it just a little bit more. Ooh good, I got one magazine loaded. I don’t know if we’ll end up with the other custom guns or not.

I have a feeling I might end up with a Wilson Combat at some point. Someone might just loan us one, some individual. That’s always a possibility too. From those companies I’m just not sure. I like to do it sometime. Even you know, not a lot of you are necessarily shopping for an Ed Brown 1911 or Les Baer of anything else but these are cool. As I always do, I’ve been around the forums and researching. Of course I’ve done that throughout the years because I bought one myself a few years back. But obviously you’re going to find something negative about these guns like you find about anything whether it’s a Rolls Royce or whatever. By and large, it’s – there’s an immense amount of respect for Ed Brown pistols.

People who really know 1911s, you can tell. Of course you do run across the occasional – Sorehead just had trouble with theirs. There’s a machine, but just incredible amount of respect for the way they go about making them. You can read that for yourself in the machinery and how they go about it but it’s pretty impressive to shop apparently. So we’ve got some magazines let’s just shoot us some more. Again, this is the – if you didn’t notice, in my exuberance for such a fine pistol, it is your basic five inch government model in configuration and size, just like most of them.

It’s just a little bit different in construction in the trigger, feel and everything – pretty nice, pretty nice. All right, what have we not shot? You know what we haven’t done, I think we ought to knock over an animal or two – or try to. All right, nice. When I was doing the IP&C game I shot mostly stock, limited class and guns like this. For a year or two I played in open class with compensated 38 super like everyone was doing just a little bit.

Mainly this is what I shot – this or a Glock. A gun in this exact configuration pretty much. It was a Colt, but this is what it was. The feel it had and the parts it had pretty much – except they weren’t all Ed Brown parts. The Beaver tail was. What was I going to do? Oh yeah, I was going to try to – since we’ve got a 45 slug let’s try a turkey since they don’t want to fall sometimes. C’mon now. I’m going to have to get the 45 70 out for that guy. Let’s try the one next to it. Yeah more ammo, yeah. I’ve got sweat in my eyes and everything but I’m going to try and struggle through.

Let’s go for a pig up there in the top row. There we go. Since we’ve got an Ed Brown, let’s try for the chicken – all right. And I’m going to put a couple more on that turkey – I’m not going to give up on him. There, thought I rocked him. That’s why I’ve got to get a 45 70 out here on the table. OK, what have I got, two mags. Let’s go down here and play some more. All right, let’s wrap this baby up. Uh, it’s so hot. I think I’m just gushing perspiration. Let me clean my glasses off here before I shoot a little bit more.

Actually, I’m really not uncomfortable when I’m perspiring, just when it gets in your eyes. I know sometimes in the video you see me, water dripping off of me, my shirt wet and everything. You think, “Wow, he must be miserable.” Nah, that’s just Tennessee weather. It’s just a matter of the ol’ sweat it the eye, just sometimes becomes a little nuisance. All right let’s just empty these two mags and play a little bit. I don’t do that much of anymore but I see some targets, let’s just pull and shoot. Sweet.

Oh man, I tell you, there’s nothing like a 1911 with a great trigger. I know these guns, the 1911s get a lot of flak and people do videos and badmouth them and hoping they can get views because they make fun of them. One of the most popular guns on the planet, just like they do Glocks or Cigs or anything else. I’m not saying they’re the thing that everybody needs to own. If you don’t like 1911s, fine, I don’t care. I really don’t, as I said before, anymore much at all. But they’re just fun to shoot.

They’re just great guns. They’re great for competition. They’re just interesting machines. They’re historical, did you know that? They’re historical. It’s kind of neat when somebody makes one that’s just such high quality and the materials used, the metal, the forgings. I think right down to the last spring and hands fitted. That somebody goes through the trouble and does that kind of like I was saying about the B-A-R that we had out here recently.

It’s just neat that someone does that. I can’t do it. I don’t have the money to start up a shop and to do that. It’s just neat that someone does it. Whatever it costs and whether you or I would ever even consider buying one. It’s just so cool that it exists and that a gun like this is out there that is – you know, again, what some people would consider maybe the ultimate 1911. I’m not saying that Ed Browns are the ultimate but theirs and Wilson Combat, Les Baer, Nighthawk those companies – I’m probably leaving somebody out.

They just go the extra mile to make an incredible version, sample of the old classic 1911. It’s just cool somebody’s doing that. What else can I say except they’re just really nice guns? I still really love my Cobra Cary. Don’t shoot it as much as I should and this one in the full length. It feels really good. Shoots great, great trigger is all I can say. So everybody rush out and buy one right? Life is good.