Ed Brown 1911 Special Forces Video

Hickock 45 here. You’re looking at that Ed Brown Special Forces again – beautiful full-size 1911. Guess what we’re going to do? Shoot it some more. I wanted to shoot it some more, and I remembered that we had not done a chapter two. Let’s do it. Let’s see if it’s hot.

It is. It’s definitely hot.

What a nice 1911. It’s over 96 degrees today with the humidity about 96, but it doesn’t matter. Everything is good, everything is cool. Let’s put some more ammo in it and just shoot. I love a chapter two, especially with a nice firearm. Let’s put it back in the holster here. What do I want to shoot? There’s a target right there.

What else can we find? Oh, there’s a target.

Oh, boy. I enjoy this playground, I tell you.

Uh-oh, I missed, that’s not fair. I’m not supposed to miss anything. I don’t think we’ve shot plates with this thing yet, have we?

Did you see that rude plate? Yeah, we’ll shoot him twice just for that.

Man, this thing is sweet, what a trigger. Let’s just pop the gong.

I remember now, I need to hold up a little bit.

Sweet, sweet. This is the Ed Brown Special Forces. We’re just going to shoot a bit, whatever we have loaded. I think I have three or four mags left, and I might even have one in my pocket. In the first video we just used the Ed Brown magazines, because I know they tend to work. They certainly do with my Kobra Carry. I wanted to get out some other what Ed Brown would consider off-brand magazines, just so we’d have more already loaded.

We have about four left here. This is a sweet gun, a Special Forces. We told you about it already. Pretty much your basic – I don’t know about basic, but these days it’s almost a basic, isn’t it? You’ve got a nice beaver tail. If you have a 1911 that’s not a GI model, this has the kinds of things on it that most of us like on a 1911. You’ve got better sites, commander-style hammer, you got the high-ride beaver tail. Nice trigger. Good sights, great sights, even nice sights. Those are the kinds of things that are a luxury on a 1911. Boy, once you get those things on there, you don’t need a lot else. You really don’t.

Let’s load up again and let’s pick at something over here that needs to be picked at. You know what, I’ve just got four mags? I was going to commit to – that one is not even loaded all the way – I was going to just shoot the eight or 10 mags that I had loaded. Let’s see if I can stick to that. It’s not easy. I appreciate the ammo, by the way, Federal. Nice job. Lots of copper, lead and brass, right? So we can feed this thing. It is a warmish day. My shirt is soaked, my brain is soaked, but that’s alright. It’s always a good day when you have a fine firearm.

Before it gets too hot, before I get too hot – look at the powder all over me – let’s see if I can hit the red plate, OK? If I can get the site up, I think I can hit it. I always want to shoot low.

You just get that site up, you can’t take a six o’clock hold on it.

Sweet. I’ll tell you, with a trigger like that you can pop. I see a piece of cinder that needs to be hit too.

Yeah, pretty cool. Special Forces. Let’s hit that paper target there.

Nice. Mr. Gong, we’re coming back at you.

Smart aleck today. I hit the red plate, can’t hit the gong.

I was determined to pop him three times in a row. Let’s put some in that fire barrel there.

No, I just have one left.

Sweet. Oh, a 2-liter I forgot.

Nice. I’m going to break my rule and load one more magazine. OK? Let’s pick out – there’s an Ed Brown 8-pack. Yeah, let’s do that. I’m not sure how many it holds. OK, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – didn’t know I could count, did you? – 7,8. Coincidence, an 8-pack holds eight, nice.

It’s worked with all the magazines, not just the Ed Brown mags. What do I want to shoot? You know, I’ve got to kill one pig, OK? At least one pig. Let’s pull it out and do at least one pig. It just hasn’t been a good day if I haven’t dropped a pig. I’ll try the right pig.

Well, are they smart alecks today or what? Let’s go for the turkey.

OK, so it knows how. I know what we’re going to do. Since we have a precise machine, I may have to load another mag, but there’s about four rounds. Let’s try the chicken, because this machine will do it if I can do it.

Alright, he fell, I’ll take it. One for the gong.

Oh, I missed. I can’t quit on a miss. Two more rounds. Don’t look, John, I’m going to put a whole magazine in. I really could stand here and shoot this thing 1,000 rounds, it’s just fun. When you’ve got a nice trigger on a firearm, it doesn’t matter whether you like a 1911 or not, if you’ve ever shot one, you know they’re fun to shoot and they feel great. If you have a good trigger on it, there’s hardly anything more fun to shoot.

Most of the criticism of the 1911 comes from people that don’t want to carry it, maybe, or they don’t think it’s 100 percent reliable and all those things. It’s rarely that it’s not just a great gun to shoot, that it’s not a fun gun. That’s generally not the case, is it? I confess, I don’t generally carry a 1911, but I love the history of them.

There really aren’t many firearms that once you get them decked out like this with a great beaver tail and a great trigger. If you don’t enjoy shooting one, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I can’t relate to you. Even if you don’t care for them that much, they’re great shooters.

Alright, I just had to shoot a few more, but I can’t quit on a miss. I don’t even remember what I missed on, but I can’t quit on a miss. I’ll just empty this magazine, and I will exercise some discipline and wrap it up. Right, what do I want to shoot? There’s a 12-ouncer.

Alright, that’s a better way to end, knocking that baby over. Anyway, chapter two – wow, that powder is hitting me – on an Ed Brown Special Forces. We’ve done two videos with it, we’ve shot a fair amount between videos, and needless to say it’s not boggled. We have not hit any issues with it, even with those off-brand magazines from Ed Brown’s competitors. Just a sweet gun. It’s going to be hard to send that baby back, but back it will go. We appreciate the Brown family sending this one to us. Life is good.