Custom Glocks by ZEV Technologies – Shot Show 2015 Video

Hey guys, I’m at Shot Show at the ZEV booth in the law enforcement section. I’ve seen these guys before, but it’s always cool to check them out again. They’ve got the most awesome Glock upgrades you could possibly have. Some of the work you see on their slides is just incredible, the coatings, the millwork, the stippling. They’ve got flared magwells, really cool stuff man.

Their absolutely gorgeous, almost like works of art really. If you’re into customizing your Glock, you’ve got to check these guys out. They’ve got some of the slide serrations on the tops, on the sides. I know some people like to say that Glocks are boring and there’s nothing to them, there’s no life, no soul, but you can build them up. You can make them look nice and feel comfortable and work the way you want it to work.

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Very cool. Here are some more less wild. These are more the like the wild style over here. You can see their magwells, their slides. Some of these slides have forward-cocking serration. Some people like them, some people don’t. Some people really need them. Some people need to run their gun harder than other people.

This one’s cut out for optics. Check out the slide on this one. It’s got lightning cuts. Look at that barrel. That’s nice. I love these sights. You can cock your gun off your belt or your boot. Cool stuff.

Check out the slow  serrations on this. Look at that on the top man. That’s just sexy on top. They even have slide serrations on the sides. That’s something you don’t see very often. Let’s go down here and take a look.

Check this out. Wow, I love that optic on the top, holographic. Check out the dimples on the barrel. That is cool, extreme lightning cuts, very cool. Nice stippling and the flared magwell. That is just so bad-ass.

I visited this booth two years ago and I wanted to show you guys what’s new, or actually let Ray show you what’s new. How are you doing.

New for 2015, ZEV is releasing our own line of performance barrels, 1708 stainless steel, match chambers, target crowns. It’s cut rifling, so you can shoot lead or wally bullets. We’ve been getting great accuracy with these barrels, so this is new for 2015.

We’re releasing them in all of our new coatings, bronze…

I was just going to ask you what that coating was.

It’s our new bronze coating. This is the bronze coating on the slide, so this is available on-barrel as well. Let’s see, gold pin of course. We also have our black DLC, so we have the barrel in a nice copper, non-reflective black coating.

Very nice. What is this exactly here? Is this a tape or is this the stippling?

No, it’s the same grid that you would see, like in skateboard tape, grid tape, except there’s no tape. The media is permanently-affixed to the frame.

Oh that’s what it is. I was trying to feel for a tape and I didn’t feel one. That’s great. I like that.

It’s the same thing, but no bubbles, no seams. On a really hot day, it’s not going to come loose on you.

That would be my big complaint is the edges would come off on the tape. Whereas this it won’t because the glue, I guess you would say, is built in right?

It’s permanently affixed. It’ll do three years of hard competition use, no bald spots. It’s a really, really durable…

Nice, nice. What else have we got?

We’ve got some new slide cuts this year.

I see that, yeah.

This is new for 2015. This is the Spartan, really nice with the American flag on one side, the raised ZEV logo on the other side. This particular one, again, is our bronze coating. This one has our adapter plate, so this slide is red-dot capable. Just by removing these tool screws do you go from red-dot sight to iron sight all in the same.

You can go back and forth.

Yes, both systems retained will be puzzle-fit in the slide. Another new release: our 22 kits are finally available.

Can you show me? Let’s show that.

I apologize. I don’t have keys for the case.

It’s okay.

We’ve been waiting two years for our magazines. The magazines are out. These are shipping at the end of February, so our 22 kits are available with threaded barrels and with non-threaded barrels extensively tested by Surefire. They’re super happy with it and we’re really excited to release them.

Nice. You guys should have brought that to media day. That would have been great.

I believe there were a couple of them out at the day.

Oh was there?

They will also be shot at the Axford show next week as well.

That’s my fault for not going to that. Sorry guys. So what else is there? This is the big news obviously.

Those are really kind of our new products for this year. We’ve been growing a lot. We’ve expanded our shop, added a lot of new employees. We’re really excited for 2015. We’re really going to try to push it all together.

I forgot to ask you, what kind of price point are you going to be looking at for something like that? I don’t even know if you have a number.

I’m not completely certain, but I believe it’s $425 with the threaded barrel…

That’s not bad.

… and $375 for the unthreaded.

That’s not bad. Very cool. Thanks a lot man. I appreciate it. There you go guys. If you want to customize your Glock, check out the ZEV Technologies.

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