Costa Ludus War Sport Built Rifle Video

Hey guys, Chris Costa from Costa Ludus. A lot of people have been asking me about the Costa Ludus rifle built by War Sport. What kind of brought that on, and how it’s actually set up and configured. At the end of the day, this is set up for me. For those that like similar things, the way I set my gun up.

This might be the right gun for you. However, there are a lot of different guns out on the market. One of things to consider is: If it’s not right for you, go buy something else. First thing was, I really like the accuracy out of the LVOA. For those familiar with War Sport, the LVOA was that kind of space, starship trooper looking gun. Where it had a front end encapsulating the muzzle.

Well, one of the things that I really enjoyed about that gun was the accuracy. Accuracy, for me, is very very important. Primarily, because, I make mistakes. Reason being, is I need a gun with a little bit of forgiveness. If I accidently pull the shot, or I’m off just a little bit. Chances are, with a good, accurate gun, and a reliable gun, I’m still gonna get my hit.

War Sport GPR-E / LVOA Rifles For Sale

One of the things that I really liked was their barrel. They run a .223 and .556 chambered barrel. It’s a .223 Wylde chamber, is what it’s set up for. It allows both of those calibers to be run out of the gun. Not only that, it allows very very good accuracy. Typically it’s a one and eight, right-hand twist barrel. What I’m finding, as far as grips go, as with the LVOA. Of course this is the same barrel that’s in the LVOA.

Except we’ve chopped a rail down, so we can get a muzzle break on there, pin-and-weld it. If the person wants, send it to a gunsmith. Have them unpin it, and then put their favorite break on it. Right now the gun is sold with the GP comp built buy War Sport, which is a really good comp. If you give it a chance you’ll be very satisfied. If all you’re looking for is a comp on the end of the gun, and nothing to suppress, or anything of that nature.

The first thing was the accuracy. One of the things that I like about it is that the .223 and .556 rounds run really good accuracy. I generally get quarter-inch out of these barrels. I’m shooting Black Hills. I’m shooting Federal Gold-Medal Match. Of course I’m shooting some other ammo, hopefully in the future I’ll be able to let you know. Which is producing some very similar groups, if not slightly better.

As far as ammunition goes. Wide range of ammunition. Of course the accuracy is top-notch. Everbody that is familiar with the LVOA knows that they build those guns to a very high standard of quality. Which means reliability, because at the end of the day we want a gun that works. It has to work. It has to shoot. It has to function. That same mentality is put into this gun.

About the only thing that I didn’t totally care for with the LVOA, and of course this is always user preference, was that I couldn’t suppress it. I always like the fact that. If I want, I wanna be able to run a muzzle break, and I also wanna be able to run suppress.Those that are familiar with running suppressers on your gun understand the advantages to it.

What I asked them to do, and they were gracious enough to do this. This project started back in April. April of last year. Not this year, last year. I asked them to take the rail and chop it right to the end of the barrel to where I could get a break on there. If I felt like it, I could run suppress, and have enough room to clear the actual rail. The other thing that I asked them for was. I wanted to lighten up the gun by at least a pound. They achieved that through cutouts up top, and down the sides. They’ve taken one pound off the gun. That’s really important. The gun’s weighing in, right now, at about 6.9. Six pounds, nine ounces. Which is really really good, for those that are familiar, with this type of barrel profile.

The next thing was, I wanted to have a very good trigger in the gun. Of course, triggers cost money. To me, one of the best triggers out on the market is the Geissele SSA-E. I really like the SSA-E, because it’s very crisp. It’s very predictable on its break, which helps me be a lot more accurate. We could have thrown a cheaper trigger in the gun. Everybody knows that those triggers are generally about $250. Maybe slightly more. Dependant on where you’re getting them from.

What I wanted, was if I grab anybody else’s gun out on the range that looks like mine, it’s got my logo on it. I want it to be the same as mine. I don’t want it to be where I have an SSA-E trigger in my gun, but I have a milspec trigger in to save the extra $250. That starts to add into the price as everybody starts to understand.

Furniture. Obviously, I used to work at Magpul, so I really like the Magpul furniture. I like the CTR stock. It’s one of the nicest stocks, I think, that Magpul does out on the market. Works really good when you’re running SAPI cup plates. Has QD’s already built into it, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you’re not a big fan of QD’s put on the stock, then we have a rear-end plate that you can clip into as well.

Up forward, on this side, you can see where my forward QD mount is, as well. There are some options, as far as those that like to run 2-point slings. The safety selector is by Battle Arms Development. That’s what I like to run on all of my guns. What’s cool is, if you don’t happen to like this size safety, all that you gotta do is call them up. Then they’ll send you a replacement. Either a thicker one, a thinner one, a longer one. You have some other options there, as well.

We did the War Sport charging handle, which is actually built by Radian Weapons. A very good ambidextrous charging handle, for those that might be southpaw as well. Standard magazine releases, we did it in our own custom grey color. The gun you saw in the last video was a 14.7 inch barrel. The difference with this particular gun is that we had War Sport build 16-inch versions as well. Certain people don’t like running shorter guns. Some people like running the standard 16-inch barrel gun. With that said, that allows you to not have to worry about it already showing up pinned and welded. That way, you can put on whatever muzzle break or device.

Plex. He likes to play, too, sometimes.

Whatever muzzle break or device you want. It’s the same lightweight configuration. Same parts. Same reliability.

Yeah, Plex.

Same reliability in the gun. This one was a prototype. By the time it was done, I hade it pretty beat up. I sent it off to Blown Deadline, and had them do a black multicam worn, which is actually pretty cool. A lot of guys will start asking me questions about certain types of gear that I run on the gun. Scope-wise, Vortex has got really good scope for the quality. Ironic enough, this is about a $800 or $900 scope.

I’ll tell you what. With my eyes getting older, I really like this type of scope. They’ve done a really good job. Those that are familiar with Vortex know that they also have their military scopes, as well. Which are pretty cool. If you get a chance, definitely check ’em out. Of course, the mounts that I put ’em in are American Defense Manufacturing. They’re some of the most repeatable mounts that I’ve seen out on the market. Especially as a lot of people compare to the Larue side of the house, as well.

Not only that, but when I do bolt ’em down. Meaning bolt a scope inside. Once I level that scope, and I start to tighten the bolts. What I find is a great consistency in regards to maintaining that level. From the very beginning. From the very very start. One of the other things people will ask is. Where can I get the gun.

If that’s what you choose to do, or pick up the phone and call ’em. Also, any other War Sport dealers. If you’re familiar with local dealers in your area, and you know that they also carry War Sport weapons. You can get them to order your guns, as well. You don’t have to go through one particular place. If you have a good gun shop with a good foundation, and somebody that you really like that’s always taken good care of you. At the end of the day, we have two versions. A 14.7 and a 16-inch barreled version. Same accuracy, same reliability.

Is it for you? Well, that’s your call. It’s not really mine. I know what I had it built for, and what I wanted it for. Hopefully, if you end up picking one up. You’ll enjoy it, yourself, just as much as I do.

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