Concealed Carry “Mistakes” Weapons Education Video

You got your gun, you got your permit, are you good to go? Not just yet. Let’s talk about common mistakes people make while carrying a gun. I am titling this video ‘Concealed Carry Mistakes’. Wouldn’t want to see anybody arrested or even worse dead. Let’s talk about it, welcome to

Let’s get right into it, let’s start talking about mistakes people make when they are carrying a firearm. I have always said this in the past, remember when you carrying a gun – that’s appropriate we have a thunderstorm ahead of us right now. Okay, when you are carrying a gun, you are a whole different person. We’re going to talk about that. So I have a list of different things that I think people do wrong when they are carrying a gun. Alright, let’s talk about it, first of all this is a no particular order let’s just go through my list here, okay?

Training, some people carry a gun and they don’t get trained, when you get your permit and you get your gun, whatever it is – [holding a gun] this happens to be a Glock 21; we will talk about different guns. The first thing you want to do is invest a couple of hundred dollars in personal training, because there is so much you need to learn from a pro. They average about 35 to 50 dollars an hour so go get four-five hours’ worth of training, at least the first four-five-six months you get that permit and then say “I am going training” if you can afford it. Training is huge. It’s a big mistake permit holders do, they get their permit, they get their gun and then think that they can just carry gun around, a deadly weapon and be good to go. You got to be trained.

Next thing, mindset, when you got your gun on you, you are a whole different person when you walk out that door. There is no such thing as road rage. There is no such thing as getting into an argument with anybody for that matter, and we’re going to talk about even the domestic arguments with your spouse, loved one, friend, anyone. We will talk about that in a minute. There is no such thing as getting upset. Your mindset when you are driving is totally different. You are totally courteous on the road, you stay away from violence, and we will talk about that. Your mindset, your brain has to be focused on the fact that you have a deadly weapon at all times. We will get more into that detail in a moment.

What about – I am just jumping around here, how about the way you dress? Okay, for instance I have got t-shirts here. If you are carrying a gun, I don’t care what it is, should you wear this shirt? What does this one say? “Don’t call 911, call 1911,” I think it’s a cool shirt. It’s a great shirt for the range. If you are carrying a gun, I wouldn’t wear a shirt like this. You are advertising that you have a gun. It’s great if you don’t have a gun and you are a youngster and you want to wear shirts like this, cool. How about this one here? “Rock out with your Glock out,” cool shirt, cool shirt, sold thousands of them, but I don’t think you should wear it if you carrying a gun.

These are range shirts, these are for going to the range. How about this one? If you are carrying a gun [inaudible] on the streets. [Holding up a t-shirt] Have you seen that one? That’s my logo, that’s my own shirt. Here I am telling you, “don’t wear my shirt if you are concealing a gun, because you are advertising that you have a gun.” This is for youngsters, this is for going to the range when you have a gun that’s fine, these are range shirts that’s what these are, and these are for going to the range. These are not for going to the mall and telling people, “Look at me, I am cool, I am into huge knives and 1911’s, I am into 44 magnums,” [holding up a gun] that’s the exact gun.

So, watch your apparel, you want to dress down, your concealment means exactly that, you want to conceal your gun. While I am on that subject now, “should you open carry if it’s legal in your state or conceal?” I say burry it deep, conceal it, don’t be a target by the bad guys because they are going to shoot at the person who has got a gun first. Be stealthy, keep everything hidden, plus if you are open carrying – which I think should be legal, in Florida by the way they are pushing from 2013 separate video. If you are open carrying, you could be a victim of profiling by law enforcement, so I say carry deep. So let’s move on here, so I talked about how you should dress, you dress down, you do not – you just blend in with everyone, it’s my opinion Blend in, ‘you are not carrying a gun’ – you know you are carrying a gun, but no one else should.

Okay how about gun size, alright much of the guys, we all love our Glock 21’s, it’s a huge gun but what is better a Glock 21 at home in the safe because it’s too big and it’s too bulky or – this happens to be a calf 380, what’s better? A little mouse gun that you can always carry 100 percent of the time because you want to carry it 100 percent of the time or something that you can leave home 70 to 80 percent of the time? So choosing your gun is huge, not only the physical size of the gun, but the caliber of the gun. If you think , “well I am going to have a 44 magnum and a revolver,” go shoot one, okay, 10-12 times in a row or feel the kick on recoil on 45, maybe you are better off with a 9mm or a 40. I am just – I am bouncing around here but the physical size of the gun is important on what you choose because you want to make sure you carry it all the time.

How about this, I talked about t-shirts and how you don’t really want to stand out in society. What motivated me to do this video was driving around a couple of days ago and I saw this – it was some nice car, a late model [inaudible] it was a nice car, they put on a bumper sticker and it says ‘this car is protected by Smith & Wesson and they have like a huge revolver there. Oh, this guy, this guy, the car is going to be robbed when it’s left vacant, the law enforcement is going to profile this guy, he has got a gun in the car it’s pretty obvious. So, stick your bumper stickers? I think they are a no, no, when you are carrying a gun or I just don’t think that you should have bumper stickers that says you got a gun in your car or on you, just talking out loud. You guys throw me your opinion, I really haven’t seen any videos of people talk about mistakes that conceal permit holders make.

Okay, printing is a huge mistake that is why it is important to choose the size of gun that is appropriate. That is why I like my shoulder holster system, because I can easily throw a shirt over this and I can easily – without even looking get – this happens to be a FN Five-Seven. Without even looking, I can get out my gun and it doesn’t rile it doesn’t move, so you don’t want to print. We will do a separate video how I personally conceal all the different firearms that I have, that’s going to take a long time for me to do that video because I am envisioning where I am like seven or eight different outfits, jeans and dress clothes, those type of clothing. So I will do a separate video on how I conceal different guns with different outfits on, shorts, flip flops.

Things like that, but don’t print because you are going to get to trouble. Bad hoister system, or a simply bad carry method, if maybe you got a gun in your pocket and think that you are good to go and you sitting down like I am and you can’t get to it – you are in a restaurant and someone walks in with an AK-47 and can’t get your gun. You want to be able to access your gun, you want to have a good holster system, that’s another separate video. Like I said I will do a consumer video on how I use my different systems.

Make sure your system works for you, according to your height, your weight, your gun has to be accessible. Sometimes an ankle holster might be the best thing for you because you always going to carry your gun and it’s kind of a pain that you going to pull your pants up, but at least it’s always hidden and it’s not printing and it’s down there, I am just talking out loud. Good holster system is important. Driving habits, I think I mentioned this but I really want to elaborate, when you are driving your car and you have a gun, there is no such thing as road rage, there is no such thing like getting – like speeding, forget that, you don’t want to be pulled over something silly.

Make sure your car is up to date on its registration, make sure you tags – all your tail lights work and all that stuff. I know way too many stories from my viewers telling me “Oh my Gosh I got arrested because my tail light was out and I was driving through the mall and everything is cool, I am a good guy, I have never had an arrest record, but got pulled over for the tail light and then they found this [holding out a gun] in the lob box and a whole mess unfolded from that.”

Here is another one here, do not tell anyone you are carrying a gun. This is a huge mistake concealed carry permit holders make. They are like “Oh I have got this really cool 57.” Here is a true story, I am at a Christmas party it was about two years ago, I am at a Christmas party and it is tables of 8, six tables of 8. All of a sudden over there one of the tables there is a bunch of commotion going on I can see the manager coming and all these. All of a sudden ultimately the police came, like “what’s going on, we are at a Christmas party.” It turns out one of the guys at the table was talking to a guy next to him and the subject of guns came up and he wanted to say, “Hey I have got a cool gun.” I don’t know what he had, “Oh look at this I have got an FN57,” maybe, whatever the gun was. It turns out the guy next to him wasn’t into guns, so he tells the waiter, the waiter tells the manager and the manager is like “Oh a gun, a gun in my restaurant, I have got to call 911.” You don’t tell anybody you have got a gun, it’s a private thing.

Alright, domestic arguments, if you get into an argument – first of all, remember what I said about your mindset in the beginning? So you shouldn’t even get to a domestic argument if you have got a gun, you just leave the situation, whether it’s your spouse, friend or whatever, brother, sister, somebody in the household and you have your gun on you and there is some stressful situation comes up. I don’t know, you arguing over something, you put that gun in the vaults or you leave the premises. You don’t even talk, you don’t get into arguments when you have got a gun on you, no matter where you are out and about, you just don’t do it. You are a different person, you are calm, you are level headed, you are smooth, you are relaxed, you are looking around you are looking at the surroundings. That is what you want to do, but you don’t want to get into arguments.

Then a knife, are you going to carry a knife this size [holding a small knife] this happens to be a Rajah 3 or a knife this size, you know a knife this huge is easy to spot it’s extra-large, this is not realistic, don’t try to copy me. This is more realistic, maybe a 3 inch blade on this. So, if you are choosing a knife or a gun, choose one that the size is appropriate where you going to carry at a high persistency like 95-100 percent of the time. Those are some of the mistakes people make, training, the mindset, the way people dress, the gun size, putting stickers on your car, printing, wrong hoister, wrong carry system, wrong caliber of gun, your driving habits could be wrong you can get into trouble, you are telling people you have a gun. If you have to use your gun, some of the mistakes people make is that they talk too much also, heaven forbid if you ever have to use your gun. You just don’t say a word, you don’t say a word to anybody, even [inaudible], you just say, “I am stressed, I need legal advice.” I did a video on that in the past, will do another one.

The last thing I want to talk about is safety, because I have to talk about safety. If someone asks you where the safety of your gun is, [pointing his head], it’s right here, it’s between your ears, it’s in your head, your brain is your safety. Think, think things out when you carrying a gun, don’t make any of the mistakes I just mentioned. Thank you so much, please throw in your comments on this one in particular, because I know I didn’t cover all the mistakes that concealed carry permit holders make. I just touched on a few of them, please throw in your comments so we can learn from each other, we are all in this as one, and I have always said that. I said a lot in my comments also, we are all in this as one, so please comment as to what mistakes people make when they are carrying a gun legally. Thank you, Tom from weapons education, please subscribe, please tell a friend, checking out.