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Hey guys, Brannon LeBouef with Nolatac firearms training. I’m here again with Stephan Pineau of 21st Century Gunfighter. What we want to talk to you about now now is concealed carry locations.

The different places on the body that you may want to place your holsters so that your gun is accessible when you really need it. Now Stephen there’s a lot of places out there. What we want to talk about, I think you’ll agree probably, are the four primary locations. That’s going to be the strong side outside the waistband as I’m wearing here.

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A little bit further back inside the waistband at a four o’clock, 4:30 position. Appendix carry and then also ankle carry. I know you’re an appendix carry guy, so tell me a little bit about how you got to that point and why you choose to carry that way.

Absolutely Brannon. Appendix carry is something I started doing a long time ago. It’s something that I’ve found to be extremely, extremely comfortable for me specifically.

Now one thing I think the viewers need to understand is that it’s really kind of a body-type specific decision. So if you have the body type to support it, appendix carry is far more comfortable than a lot of people give it credit for. I feel that if you get a good quality holster and a holster that supports it, you cannot only conceal a lot more comfortably, but even a larger frame handgun as well.

A lot of people also tend to think it may get in the way of their daily routine, but I found because of the position you actually are concealing the handgun right here in the pockets that are in front of your pelvis, being able to drive for long periods of time, sitting down for long periods of time is really not a problem.

Additionally from a fighting standpoint, if you’ve done any force on force training or you’re fighting in a clinch, it’s very easy to get the gun out in the fight, and also retain it very easily.

So defender from the front?


Awesome. Now outside the waistband three o’clock position, or strong side position, generally what you would see when you look at a law enforcement officer where his gun is on his duty belt, it’s right there.

The benefits of that is it’s going to be is it’s right there. When you go for it it’s right here, all you’re doing is coming into the side in the center line and the gun is where you expect it to be. Especially if you’re a law enforcement officer and you hope to have those thousands of repetitions of practicing and going for that gun.

When you take that duty belt off, and you’re going out to dinner with your family, that conceal carry off-duty piece is right where it’s going to be.

If you’re wearing something that’s a split open front like a light shirt, or a light button-up shirt, or a cover garment such as a coat or jacket, once you sweep that back your hand is already in position to go to the gun. Some of the drawback is it’s going to widen your frame a little bit, especially if you’re carrying an extra mag you have to take that into account.

So it’s going to print more. If you’re wearing something over it like a polo, it’s going to want to stick out more and show a little more, so make sure your clothes are sized appropriately for it.

Speaking about clothes, if you’re carrying outside the waistband, you don’t have to do what you generally have to do with inside the waistband, which is buy your pants or get your pants about an inch or so larger than what you normally wear to accommodate the gun.

So let’s talk a little bit about the four o’clock carry, which I was referring to earlier as the four o’clock or the behind the hip carry.

Absolutely. Inside the waistband behind the hip is far and away the most common carry location I see. I think that the reason for that is because there’s so many popular holster choices out there that really support it.

You can conceal a pretty large frame handgun. I know myself pretty small statured I can conceal a larger frame handgun in there. But one thing that’s important to consider is that the draw process requires considerably more effort, more time …

You’re reaching back more.

Absolutely. It’s a greater motion there. You have to actually physically reach across your body, grab your cover garment, yank it up in order to even expose the handgun. From that point you can get a full grasp, a full firing grip on it and go to work from there. So that’s one thing to consider.

It’s kind of the same thing when it comes to ankle carry. Ankle is really great for people that are carrying a secondary gun or a really, really need for a deep concealment. The problem though is it’s going to take a lot more to get to that gun. You’re either going to have to bend down to the gun or bring the gun up to you, and then you need to get that pants leg out of the way, which is what provides you concealment in the first place.

More body mechanics involved. Also, if you’re again in a ground fighting situation, or you’re involved with someone else, now you got one hand locked up and you’ve got to try to get that pants leg up and get to the gun with that one hand.

But it is going to provide you a high level of conceal ability. Where it’s going to work or failure for you is the amount of training that you put into it, and then also making sure you have a good, quality holster. You have to be comfortable that if you have to run or do anything with that holster that the gun is going to stay where it needs to be.

So when it’s all said and done at the end of the day, the location, the holster, the gun it all comes down to a personal decision that involves what you like, what works, and what fits you. Your lifestyle, your environment – even your workplace or your manner of dress.

Take those things into consideration and factor them all out. At the end of the day you make the right decision for you that works for you.

And as always remember be vigilant, be prepared, be safe …

And stay gunfighter strong.

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