A Concealed Carry Gun Purse That I Actually Like Video

Hi. Before the daylight totally escapes me here, I want to try to crank out the video here for you. Several people have recommended that I try using a tripod, so that I have both hands free in my videos. I have taken their advice and borrowed a friend’s tripod to experiment with in this video, although I still am going to remain anonymous just for privacy reasons.

Also I would like to emphasize safety first, especially when you’re trying on different holsters at home. Always make sure that your gun is unloaded so that no accidents happen. Always be sure to point your gun in a safe direction, even if you know for sure that your gun is unloaded because accidents do happen.

The point of today’s video is actually to show you a gun purse that I recently got, even though I’m not big on purse carry. Somebody on YouTube actually e-mailed me a link to this bag that their friend’s wife has, I think. She likes hers a lot, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I liked the look of it right off the bat, the fact that it looks more like a bag, not a purse. They had it in leather, but I’m not a fan of leather and I like the fact that it came in a green nylon. This bag is actually perfect for me in every way. I would carry it even if it were not a gun purse. I would carry it just as a regular purse, which is awesome.

I don’t want to use it as my primary form of concealed carry, but it does have certain advantages. The main one, in my opinion, being that you can carry a purse with outfits that make concealed carry normally quite difficult for a female, such as in the summer with shorts and maybe a tight tank top.

Times that you feel limited to only carrying a small gun, you can carry a bigger-sized gun in a gun purse. You can actually carry a very big gun in this gun purse. Even though you can conceal a big gun in this purse, I have found that you can also comfortably carry a big gun on your body if you have the right holster.

In this video I’m also going to show you the CrossBreed SuperTuck that I have for the Ruger SP101 with the three-inch barrel. I hope you enjoy the video.

I would like to really quick do some safety checks on the three guns that I’ll be using in today’s video, just so you know that they’re unloaded and there’s no ammo around. There are also no people around. It’s just me filming. There are no animals. There’s nobody here.

When people ask me why I show my guns are unloaded… I obviously carry them loaded when I’m out and about carrying concealed, but it’s just common sense to not have a loaded firearm that you’re playing with, dress up, trying on different holsters. That’s just dumb. Just to show you, they’re unloaded. This is the Ruger SP101, no bullets in that one. This is the Ruger LCR, no ammo in there either. This one is the Caltech P380. There’s no ammo in the magazine. I’ll just leave the magazine out of it for today.

Here is the gun purse I recently got. I’m really not keen on purse carry, like I said before, in case someone steals your purse. However, you can wear this purse cross body, which is what I’ve been doing, across my body and under my arm. Nobody can actually pull it off me. It was advertised as having a slash-resistant strap. I don’t know exactly what it’s made of. It probably says on the site.

It really is heavy duty, so it probably is slash resistant. I picked the version of this bag in nylon because I don’t like leather purses. It came in a pretty big range of colors. I think you can get navy blue, red, black, and brown. I got the olive green because that’s my favorite color. It was made by Gun Tote’n Mamas.

I’m going to show you their business card because I got a kick out of it. It reminds me of the Matrix, all of these awesome ladies wearing their sunglasses. It says taking control in style.

It’s surprisingly slim, but it still holds everything that I need. There’s a zipper pouch in the front, which I carry spare keys. I’m a housekeeper. I have a bunch of keys to different homes, pain killers, Band-Aids, a little tape measure, lip gloss, just things that I keep in a purse.

Then there’s this main bag you keep your money and stuff in. I’ve got pens, checkbooks and money, so very basic. There’s a few other pouches in here though as well you can slide things down in. I do have some credit cards in that one. It’s very spacious.

In the top, there’s this little pocket for a cell phone or a blackberry, or other things you would just stick in the open pocket. It Velcro’s shut if you want it to. I bought this at K-Mart. It’s a little iPhone pouch and my phone fits awesome down in there. I can still put headphones into it or a headset and be talking on my phone while it’s in my purse sticking out.

There’s a zipper pouch on the back, probably for something flat. The main part, where you keep your gun, is right in here. It zips on all sides, so you can either have it unzip on the top, wherever you want to pull your gun out. This is Velcro and it came with a Velcro holster pouch.

They say pretty much any type of gun size will fit into it, really big guns, whatever you want to carry. Although, if I’m going to carry a gun in a purse, I want it to be a bigger gun. To me, it doesn’t make sense to put a little 380 in a purse this big because you can actually hold a bigger gun. I like the fact that you can carry a 3-inch barreled SP101 in here with no problem, pretty much any gun you’d want to carry.

You just put it right around your body. You can carry it either cross body, so you would unzip it with your weak hand and draw with your strong hand, or you would carry it cross body on your strong side. You would unzip it and pull it out with your strong hand.

I’ll show you that it’ll also fit with, they say 1911’s, anything that you want to carry. Any gun you want fits right in there. You can adjust the strap to any length you want. I like that you can unclip the strap from these rings, because I like to clip my keys on with karabiners on those rings. To me, it doesn’t look like a purse. I like a military-style bag. I like olive green. I like nylon, so for me it’s awesome. It’s something I would carry anyway if I didn’t have a gun.

This is the purse shown cross body. This is my weak side and this is my right hand, my strong hand that I shoot with. If you wanted to wear it this way, you would unzip it with your weak hand. You would then draw with your strong hand. You want to be very careful this way when drawing so that you’re not pulling it out and aiming it at your arm. You want your arm to be out of the way. You don’t want to point it at yourself.

If you do this, you want to unzip it, get your arm out of the way when you pull the gun out, and move your arm out of the way when you’re re-holstering too, to be safe. I carry it cross body on my strong side, so that it’s on the side that I would be drawing with, and then my arm is out of the way. You can unzip it with either hand you want.

Your gun in extremely accessible. It’s just right there. Plus if you’re walking back to your car at night in a place where you don’t feel safe, you can have your hand in your purse and on your gun, ready to draw. You always want to be aware of where your body is in relation to your gun when you’re pulling it out.

Instead of drawing out of just the top, you can also turn the inner holster so that the gun is facing sideways, allowing you to unzip from the side instead of the top. That way if you wanted to wear it cross body, you would then draw from the side instead.

One good thing about carrying it that way is if you carry the bag on your strong side, if you needed to, you could actually shoot through the purse because the gun is facing forward. You can either pull it out from the back, or you could shoot through the front of your purse if you had to.

My guns that I normally carry in this bag are longer, which is why I position them up-down instead of side-to-side. The three-inch barrel of the SP101 wouldn’t fit in it sideways. A lot of bigger semiauto’s, you would have to carry up-and-down as well.

There are lots of things to think about when you’re going to be carrying a gun in a purse. One, it’s a good method to have a backup gun. You can carry a bigger gun in your purse while you’re still carrying one on you in case your purse gets stolen from you and then that person pulls out a gun or something. At least you still have a gun on you.

Also, you never want to carry your gun in a purse when you’re going somewhere where your purse is going to be away from you, unattended. If I’m going somewhere where my purse is going to be left by someone’s couch or something, I do not carry a gun in my purse that day.

I’m always aware of where I’m going and where I’m going to be when I’ve got a gun in my purse. A purse is not the only way to carry a bigger firearm, even if you’re a girl. My Ruger SP101 with the 3-inch barrel fits great in here. I don’t necessarily carry that in my gun purse. If I’m going somewhere, like I said, where my purse is not going to be on me, then I might carry it in an in-the-waistband holster.

I have a CrossBreed SuperTuck for my SP101 and I’ve actually got it on today. It conceals really well. It is a bigger gun so you have to wear something over it and around it, but the weight is evenly distributed because of the two clips that are spread out on the belt and it’s very comfortable to wear.

It’s still my method of choice to wear on body as opposed to purse carry, but the purse makes it easy to just grab it when you’re headed out to the store or something if you’re not already dressed for concealed carry.

I might as well show you here, how he Ruger SP101 fits in the CrossBreed SuperTuck. Obviously the nice thing about an in-the-waistband holster is that your belt goes across here and anything from here down is hidden in your pants. You can wear shorter shirts that only cover to here in order to cover your firearm.

This is how I have the back adjusted on both of my SuperTucks. I moved this up to the top here and this one down to the bottom because it gives the most extreme angle for your gun. I found that that works the best for me to have the most extreme angle. If you’re a girl trying to adjust your SuperTuck, I would recommend putting it at that angle.

I’m not going to say too much more on the gun pouch. I think the style on this one is called the Raven Shoulder Pouch, to be exact. It did also come in leather, as opposed to just nylon. A couple other good things I can think of for having a gun purse would be one; a woman is normally going to be carrying a purse anyway. It makes it a lot more useful, being that it’s a gun purse as well.

The thing that makes a gun purse special is that there’s a separate pouch specifically for your firearm where nothing else can get in the way of it, in the way of the trigger. It’s really easy to draw the same every time. It’s very secured in there. It’s very safe for a purse carry. You don’t want to just throw a gun in any purse. It’ll be hard to rummage through your purse and grab it in an emergency.

Also, if you get a new firearm, you know it will immediately fit in your gun purse right off the bat. You don’t have to rush out and buy a new holster for your new gun, so that is nice too. I’m still mainly going to carry on body in the waistband, on the waistband, things of that nature. It’s a great backup and it’s great to have a gun with me in my purse if I’m going to be carrying a purse on me, and keep it close to myself. I like it as an option.