Conceal Carry – Why and What I Carry Video

Hey. This is Paul McCain. Today, I’d like to do a brief video on my concealed carry setup.

Before I do that, I’d like to address a couple of things I’ve heard from people on Facebook, email, YouTube and elsewhere. People talk to me about the concept of a Lutheran pastor carrying a firearm. Apparently, some people think it’s a big issue and a big problem. They assume that because I’m a pastor that I am not going to carry a firearm. They think I won’t be a person who defends himself and I won’t be a person who is a citizen of the United States.

I take advantage of my Second Amendment rights. These are guaranteed to me under the Constitution. I have the right to keep and bare arms. I agree with people who say that the Second Amendment of the Constitution is our concealed carry license. The fact that we have to go through a procedure to “get the right” to carry a firearm is problematic, as far as I’m concerned.

Conceal Carry Pistols For Sale

We all know that people who legally carry firearms are not responsible for the crime and misuse of firearms. I carry a firearm where it is both legal and appropriate. I carry where it is not prohibited by the term of employment and where it is not illegal, according to the laws of both Missouri and any state I carry.

I do have a concealed carry license. I have been trained. I went through the required course. I went through the required shooting proficiency tests. I am aware that this is just the beginning to the training I need and need to maintain. I do, in fact, maintain.

I am the member of a gun club. I shoot regularly. I train with my concealed carry firearm.

Why do I carry a firearm as a pastor and as a Christian? I believe God has given many gifts to me. He gave me reason and all my senses. I use that reason and sense to defend myself. I am well within my right to protect myself and my family from those that would do us harm. There are people who would break in and steal, kill us, assault us, and rape my wife and children.

I make no bones about it. I have no hesitation in defending myself and my family. I would protect others who are at risk at being victims.

I am not really interested in hearing the arguments of those who are pacifistic. Those people misunderstand firearms, don’t know how to use them, don’t have the background and experience with them, and suggest that I should not have the right to keep and bare firearms. I will use them when and where it is appropriate.

That’s just a short, little apology for firearms. It is an apology in the sense of defense.

Let’s see what I have here. This is what I use when I carry. It’s a Glock 26. It’s a subcompact pistol.

Gun gets knocked over on table 

I”ve got it open, so you can see that it’s safe. There’s no ammunition in the chamber and nothing in the magazine.

I carry this with Talon grips, which I really appreciate. I’m glad I took the advice of Greg, “Hickcock45.” If you don’t know if you know him, but I urge you to follow him. I’ll put a link in the video, so you do. He has been the most helpful person to me on the internet. When it comes to learning about and using firearms, he’s just a good guy.

This is the Glock 26. I’ve got the Talon grips, which are customized sandpaper-type grips. Some people do this themselves by using skateboard tape. It’s very inexpensive. I recommend Talon grips. They do a great job. Just follow the directions.

This is a Glock 26, generation 4. It’s got a larger magazine release button right here. It’s got an adjustable back strap, but that’s a mute point. I’ve got the Crimson Trace Series designed for the Glock 26. You can see how it works.

You just grip it, and you’ve got that red dot. It’s extremely accurate. I’ve used it several times at the range while training with my targets. It does a great job.

I like the Glock 26. It’s chambered in 9 millimeter, which is a very effective and powerful round. I’ll show you the other parts of my concealed carry setup.

I’ve got a Surefire flashlight. I don’t always carry this with me, but it’s in the car. Obviously, I carry it with me at night. I just love the Surefire because it’s extremely bright. You can see how bright it is. It lights up everything because it’s a very effective flashlight.

I also carry a Kershaw knife, which is spring loaded. It does a very nice job.  

Let me get my other hand going. I’m right handed.

It closes smoothly and effectively. All you have to do to open it is flip this lever. You’ve got an instant blade. I’ve got a Cuisinart knife sharpening system. I’ve always been obsessed with keeping knives very sharp. This thing is like a razor blade. It’s a very effective knife. It fits well in the pocket. I carry that with me when I dress more casually.

I have a couple tools in terms of holsters. This is a Galco King Tuck. It’s an inside the waistband holster. It works extremely well. Everybody has their own preference when it comes to holsters and rigs. I like the Galco.

I bought a Crossbreed holster, and I just didn’t like it at all. It just did not feel right for me. It didn’t work for me, so I returned it. They’re very nice. They’re nice folks. They’re here in Missouri. I know a lot of people love Crossbreed. I have nothing against them, but for me Galco is a better choice.

Let’s talk about magazines. This is a standard Glock 26 magazine. I believe it only holds 10 rounds. I’ve got Pierce extensions that give me a little support for my pinky finger. You don’t really need that if you grip the Glock 26 correctly. I like that because it gives me more grip on the pistol. I have very big hands, so I appreciate that. It also gives me a 13 round capacity. If you carry with one in the chamber, then you have 13 plus one. Then, you have 14 rounds of 9 millimeter amo.

I choose to carry a spare magazine when I can. I have a total capacity of 27 rounds.

My favorite ammunition is made by Winchester Corporation. This is said to be law enforcement ammunition. This is a Ranger 9 millimeter Luger +P+ 127 Grain T-Series. It’s a very effective round. You can spend hours and hours watching Youtube videos about the best kind of self defense amo.

I just chose to go with the Ranger. Of course, it’s nickel-plated casing that holds up better for everyday carry.

That’s what I choose to use. That’s what I choose to do. Others have different choices in pistols. Some people prefer a pocket pistol in a 38 because it’s easy to carry. I’ve considered doing that because there’s situation where I cannot carry as concealed with the Glock 26. The Glock 26 is comfortable.  

I like it with my outside the waistband holster. Frankly, I forgot what this is called. This is basically a Kydex holster. It does a very good job. I think it’s called X-force.

It keeps it very close to my body because of how the belt loops are, so it’s easy to carry when I’m wearing a jacket or long shirt. For me, this is the most comfortable option. It gives the pistol a good type of grip if you need to use it. Actually, I prefer outside the waistband for concealed carry.

That’s just a real quick video on what I choose to use and why, and what I use. Thanks for watching.