The Complete Sig P320 Subcompact Review

We’re going to show you the Sig P320 Subcompact today. We’re going to do a little review of it. What am I going to do to start off with? I’m going to shoot the wrong gun—the Sig P320 Compact. I want to hit the gong and wake him up. He’s awake. So is he.

I am shooting the wrong gun because the subject today is the subcompact. This is the compact. You’ve never seen it here. If not, you’re in trouble. You should not be missing videos. I like this gun. I think you already know that. It’s a striker-fired Sig P320, which is the next size down from the big one. It’s pretty cool.

Every time I fire it, I’m reminded how much I like it. If it were a little thinner, it would almost replace my beloved Glock 19. It wouldn’t be far off because it feels good in the hand. If you’re carrying in a belt holster…it’s not a pocket gun, that’s my point there. If you’re carrying outside the waistband or even inside the waistband, but up on your belt, this is a great choice.

It’s a great shooter. It feels wonderful. Like I said, the subject today is not this gun. So, why am I talking about it? Sig was nice enough to send me this gun. They sent us this subcompact, but it was missing some parts. So, we’ve been building on it, trying to get it to work and cannot do it.

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So, we’re going to take some more parts out of the compact and see if we can get the darn thing to work. We’re going to take it apart. We discovered some of these guts up here might come out. If we hold our mouth right here, I think we can maybe get some of this out and put it in the other gun. At least we’re going to try it.

I don’t know if this would be recommended by Sig. If it works, we’ll probably write them and let them know. Once we mix all this up, let’s just put that there and the slide there. It looks to me that, if you’ve got the trigger mechanism and everything, it might work. To me, it looked like that’s what this one was missing. Let’s try it here and see if it’ll fit.

Looks to me like it might fit. Let’s see if the slide will fit on. That way it won’t. There we go. I got that spring down.

Do you know what? I didn’t try to get the slide lock in there. It probably would need that, wouldn’t it? Let’s at least get all the parts in there. Then, it’ll be a more valid test, don’t you think? I think it will. What am I doing wrong here? Get that turned around. There we go. The slide lock is in position. That’s the position on the other gun that the slide lock is in when you take the slide off. So, that might work for putting the slide back on. Look at that. That looks like it ought to work. Let’s try. I’ll put my ears on.

I’ll be darned. I do believe it’s going to work. Let’s try the gong. It’s not as successful. Let’s try it closer. It’s pretty cool. It even works with a long magazine. I didn’t fool you. You knew that I knew it would work. Now we have a subcompact 6RP320. As you already knew if you’ve been around, we have reviewed, or at least shot on video, the full-size Sig P320 and then the compact, which you just saw a minute ago. Now here is the subcompact.

There’s also a model called the Carry model. It’s essentially the same as the compact almost, I think. These represent the three main sizes in the lineup of the Sig P320 Subcompact. It was nice to get this. I had been trying to get this from somebody. I didn’t really need the gun.

I just needed the shell, the slide, the barrel and the frame because, as we have pointed out and you probably already know, the chassis that I switched out of the other gun, I switched it into this frame and made this a gun. It’s the same chassis. It works in all models. There you go. That might not be something that has a huge advantage for you.

You might think that’s the coolest thing since sliced bread or peanut butter. It just kind of depends on how you like to operate. Even though they’re kind of hard to get at this point, I think, there are probably people out there who have that chassis and they have all four guns or at least three of them.

They just move that chassis around depending on what mood they’re in, what size pistol they want and whether they’re going to carry because this one is more suited for carry. You’ve got a shorter grip. It’s just whatever floats your boat. It might be something that appeals to you.

I don’t know exactly what the frame, slide, barrel and all that costs because they’re so unavailable, I think, for the most part. It could be like a lot of other things. With Glocks, people buy replacement barrels and that kind of thing. By the time you buy all that for a little more money, around another $100, you could actually have both guns.

They know exactly what the numbers are on that. Check the website and talk to Sig before you venture in that direction. It might change your mind depending on the exact cost and even the availability. The Sig folks have seen some of our videos. They actually contacted me. I said I don’t really need a gun, but we could get the frame and slide just to show because we wanted to show this in another video and switch it back and forth.

There you go. That’s how simple it is. Again, we’re not selling Sigs, but I think it’s good to know this is available. I like Sigs a lot. They’re not my very favorite striker-fired pistol, but I do like these striker-fired 320s. They’re pretty cool. They’re good shooters. They’re fun to shoot. This one holds a subcompact. It holds, I believe, 12 rounds in the flush mag.

I’ll show you how much shorter it is. Wait a minute. That won’t work. Let’s see. We’ve got to have the slide here, don’t we? There we go. We can kind of fake it. There we go. When you put them up there, you can see that you save some length there on that grip. I should have a magazine in it. There’s a flush magazine lurking here somewhere. This must be it.

There’s your difference. It cuts off quite a bit of that. That is the biggest difference. If you look at these two, the slides are not dramatically different. These slides are just lying around there in a box. You’d almost not think there’s any difference. It’s three-tenths of an inch shorter on the subcompact. It’s 3.6 versus 3.9 or something.

So, there’s not a lot of difference in the length there of that. In the weight, there’s only a one-ounce difference. The biggest advantage that I see is you’ve got this fairly significantly shorter grip. Of course, there’s a price to pay for that. You’ve got 12 rounds flush versus 15 flush. This one holds 15. That’s the flush mag.

Of course, this is a 17-round mag for the full size. It works in either of these guns. It’s like the Glock system, the Beretta, and some others. If you’ve got the magazine, it will work in the firearm as long as it’s not too short. For example, the 12-round will not work in one of the bigger guns just like with the Glock. The baby Glock mag won’t work in the other Glocks.

As long as you’ve got a long enough mag, it will work. So, that’s pretty cool. They seem very reliable. I think we did have one malfunction in the video with the compact. Generally speaking, you don’t have malfunctions with them. Just like the hammer-fired Sigs, they tend to work. We all know Sig makes quality firearms.

Some people get a little too crazy about the quality of Sig, I think. I think because they cost twice as much as some of the other pistols, then that means they must be twice as good. That’s not necessarily the case, at least in my book, because many of us could afford a Sig. We could afford any handgun we really want.

Most of us have too many handguns that we end up not carrying. We could consolidate our resources, trade some guns, and sell some firearms. If there’s a pistol out there that we think is the best carry gun, the best home defense pistol or whatever it’s for, and it serves a really important purpose, and it’s a primary firearm, such as a carry gun, for example, we could buy it.

We could manage to get it, couldn’t we? It’s not like buying a Corvette. It’s a difference between $300 and $500 or $500 and $700 or maybe even $1,000. We could worm around, sell some guns and figure out a way to make it ours if we really thought it was better, we thought these others were junk and that you’ve got to pay $1,000 to get a gun that’s worthy of carrying.

I got off topic there a little bit, I guess. Sigs are quality firearms, as I say. These are not pricey like the hammer-fired guns. They’re more reasonably priced. That is an option. Again, there’s not a big difference between these two. That grip is the biggest difference that I can see in terms of the subcompact.

What do I think of the subcompact? I tend…well, I guess I was struggling on the gong. Of course, I don’t know. Sometimes I can struggle with my very favorite firearm if I’m shooting too fast or messing around. I shoot the compact a lot better. I’ve been shooting this one some. We’ve got some magazines here. Let’s just take a few more shots. It’s fine for reasonable distances and for intended purposes. If I want to pop those soft drinks here…I can do it. That cow… I think I hit all five plates without missing.

It’ll work. There’s no doubt about it. If that coffin were about to attack me…I could put him in a coffin. When I say I don’t shoot it quite as well…you’ve got to really focus a little more to get that sight on target. I’m going to try that gong again. I don’t know what my problem was before. I think I was going high. Let’s see if I can get the red plate over there.

I think I spoke too soon. It shoots okay. I’ll tell you what it is that makes me a little biased against it versus the other one. It’s just the feel of it. You know me; I like small grips. I’m just fine with them. Again, another characteristic of the Sig lineup is the slides are kind of thick. They’re heavier than some other firearms. With this little grip, it feels like you’ve got a hold of something a little bit like the .45 that Sig came out with.

We did a review of it, too. You get kind of that similar feel like your slide is too big for the grip. It just feels a little top heavy, barrel heavy, front heavy, and just a little odd. The grip is okay. I could work with the grip. I like small grips all right. These are either a shorter slide, a lighter slide or something. You’ve got this big heavy slide up there on top of this little grip. It’s just a little bit out of balance for me.

Again, you can see it works. It works fine. As we know, those of us who carry—I started to say for a living. It is kind of for a living. It’s to keep ourselves living in the event of some unusual occurrence. There’s the chance that it could keep us living. By the way, I cut myself on a knife I was sharpening. It was not on this gun. I don’t want to mislead you there.

As we folks who carry know, the grip is the thing that’s important. If you can shave off a little bit on the grip, it makes it a lot easier to carry and less likely to print on that kind of thing. Whereas a little bit extra length on the slide is usually not that big of a deal. That’s what they were thinking. Their brains were in the right place on that. They cut some off the grip and it makes it more concealable.

It’s still a little bit of a tank with the heavier slide. One thing we wanted to do when we did get our hands on a subcompact was to let you know what the differences were. That’s kind of the general difference right there and the ease with which you can pull out the chassis, put it in a different frame and make yourself a different firearm. I don’t know how attractive that sounds to you, having that capability.

For myself, I like this compact. That’s where I will put that back in and leave it probably because that’s a fun gun to shoot. With this one, I don’t see it as much of a fun range gun. Again, it’s a little heavy for me. I don’t have my Glock 43. I took it out of my pocket. It’s going to win out because it’s lighter and thinner. It’s a nice gun. If you like the Sig lineup and you like the 320, it’s a good one.

There are no malfunctions. I ought to shoot one more mag just to make sure. Let’s load one more here. We’re shooting Federal ammo, which we appreciate. We appreciate Sig sending that shell. Of course, we always appreciate Bud’s Gun Shop for the incredible support they provide for the channel. Be sure you check the link to Bud’s at, the description and other places.

We’ll probably put a link to Sig. We always put one to Federal for helping us out. Please do that. We also put meet and greet updates in our descriptions. As soon as we find out we’re going to do one somewhere, we start just routinely sticking that in the description. If you’re watching on mobile, I know we don’t mention that often enough because a lot of people do watch on their mobile phones as they’re driving down the road. You don’t see annotations and things. We just tend to put it in the descriptions. Check out Facebook and that kind of thing. We always post updates there.

We’ll shoot just a little bit more. We’ll shoot one of these. This is a 17-rounder. This is designed for the full size Sig P320. We have a two liter here too. Let’s take care of this stuff. Nice. I was trying a tree limb. That’s cool. Let’s finish up on the cowboy. He bothers me.

I moved him around a little bit. If you like the Sigs, this is a nice little carry gun. It’s really solid. One thing you do get with that extra weight is a really comfortable gun to shoot. There’s no doubt about it. This would be a good range gun. It doesn’t beat you up because it’s got the weight behind it in that slide. It’s very comfy to shoot. It’s got a nice trigger.

Let me double check. It’s got that typical Sig P320 trigger—the striker-fired revelation that Sig went through recently when they brought out these guns. Striker-fired triggers can vary a little bit, but the strangest thing I have noticed, especially today, is that the trigger on this gun when I was shooting felt exactly the same as the trigger on this gun. I couldn’t tell any difference at all.

I’m not sure what the reason is for that. The trigger felt like it had exactly the same break. I’m glad you all could come by and shoot this with me a little bit. Again, I’m not selling Sig P320s. I don’t know if it’s a homerun or not, but they’ve got a good hit. Maybe it’s not out of the ballpark, but with this striker-fired series, they’re good shooters.

You’ve heard me for years talk about Sig being a great gun. I enjoy shooting them, but it’s that double/single action, the hammer-fire and everything that keeps me from carrying them and, maybe shooting them or owning them, more than I do. They did it right with the striker-fired. It’s fun to shoot. It has a good trigger break. It’s another option.

As I’ve said before, we’re living in good times when it comes to pistols. There are so many great options. This might be one for you. I’m glad you were here. Life is good.

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