Carrying a Concealed Firearm Under Light Clothing Video

Okay, I’m just making this video real quick today to show that you dress for concealed carry doesn’t have to be real obvious. It doesn’t have to be all these oversized clothes, thick clothes, things with lots of folds and rolls. It doesn’t have to be big, patterned Hawaiian shirts.

A lot of those things just scream gun or just poor dresser, bad taste. I don’t want to scream either one of those things. You can see I’m just wearing a really thin, cotton shirt; nothing special, just a white t-shirt underneath, jeans, very lightweight. As you can see, there’s nothing real obvious here.

It doesn’t scream that I’m wearing a firearm. It even just — bending and moving, you’re not seeing much. If I’m at the grocery store and I bend over, you don’t see a whole lot. I can reach above my head, and you don’t see much. You’re not going to see a gun.

You’re not seeing anything that’s screaming gun. No one’s saying I’m brandishing. All I’m wearing is a light cotton shirt. This is a large. I can probably wear an extra-large. I bought this when I was thinner, so it’s a little snug through here. Still, it covers fine.

I don’t like to grab the oversized clothes. I like to wear fitted clothes. I like to wear clothes that fit me. I’m not going to stop doing that just to carry a gun. As you can see, it’s not real obvious. What you do see is the clip.

When you do see a shape, you see a little square. You see that little square. That’s what you see whenever I bend and stuff. You see that little square. When people see that little square, they think cell phone, or they think pager. We still have a lot of people up here that are nurses and doctors, so we have a lot of people that still wear pagers, surprisingly.

That’s what they think. They think some sort of electronic device. They don’t think gun. It doesn’t have a gun outline to it at all. Like I said, you could lift it there. There’s no — you never see this part of this gun even when, like I said, whenever I reached above my head.

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be the oversized, nasty clothes. You can just wear your everyday clothes. Don’t be so concerned about it. When I first started carrying, I wore oversized clothes, vests and sweatshirts when they were appropriate. It wasn’t necessary. People aren’t looking at you.

They’re not looking at you that — they’re not scrutinizing you that closely that they notice anything like that or even think gun. Most people, guns are the last thing they’re ever thinking of anyway. As you can see, you don’t have to dress hard. You don’t have to dress in any special way, and still pretty well concealed.

Like I said, you just see a little square. That’s all you see, if you see anything. Generally, you don’t see anything when I’m moving around. I mean, if I’m just moving around in my every day to day, you don’t see hardly anything. I just thought I would add that part to it there.

It’s still a useable position. The gun is still in a good, useable place. Even though it’s tucked away nicely in my little love handle here, it’s still a very useable place. Even though it’s right there, you can still see I can easily get my hand on it and easily draw.

This is an easy to use weapon. Holstering is not that hard. If I were drawing for a close-in shot and then putting it back in — easy as that. Not hard to re-holster, nothing — it’s a Galco stow. It’s a stow and go holster.

It’s what I use, generally, for my inside the waist band carries. They’re cheap. They’re like suede holster. They’re a little bit strong at the top. Some people do find that it pokes them. I’ve never had that poke me at all, but it might be the kind of guns I’m carrying.

As you can see, it’s easy to use, easy to conceal. It’s a good holster for that. This is not a small gun. It’s a full size six-shot revolver. It’s a snubby, but it’s got a full six-shot cylinder. It’s not the tiniest gun, not the lightest gun.

I am wearing a Galco, range officer’s belt or trainer’s belt, or something they called it. I forget what they call these. I’m wearing that to hold it up, hold the weight. You really don’t need a big, strong belt for inside the waist there, unless you do an outside the waist band, because you’re just holding it tight against your body.

This does the job very well. As you can see, I haven’t had to dress in any special way.