Building an Aimpoint Part 3: Finishing Touches Video

All right, bro. It’s been 20 minutes, right?


Let’s check it out.

Take a look. Looks good

Excellent. We know now, this portion will hold pressure. Or, will not allow water in.


All right. Next step.

We’re going to go to the polishing.

Okay. Off we go … One thing I asked him, if they put nitrogen in the sight. That’s one of the reasons we’re in this clean-room is the atmosphere in here is so clean they don’t have to do that. They cycle the air, process it, and keep the humidity at the exact perfect level so that they don’t have to worry about nitrogen. Essentially, we’re in a great big tank that cleans the air to the point that you don’t have to worry about that step with the optic.

Clean the outside of the lens first. Hit it with some air, remove loose particles, etcetera

All right. Now–

Small amount of that stuff.

Start in the middle and swirl out–

Yeah, exactly. It looks easy but there are some different techniques … Looking better!

You tell me what you think.

Actually, not so bad.

Around the edges–

Some little spots–

On the edge?


The finest particles really show up, and when you look at it, his is crystal clear. Then when you look at yours, and you’re cleaning it, and it’s not crystal clear, it kind of makes you appreciate just how difficult it is … You’ve done this a couple times?

A few hundred times – a week.

This week?

Try to be careful to not be too close to the glue, because it will mess it up.

Check it out and see what you think.

Well, now it’s a little bit worse.

I swore it’s some crap in it–

Take a newer Q-tip.

This is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

Want to compare?

Yeah, no! I don’t need to compare. This thing looks like a sewer pipe compared to yours. Tell me–

It’s not getting better?

Tell me what you think.

Not so bad. Because if you look out in the open, I don’t think you will see anything.

Yeah. To be perfectly honest with you, my glue on the front it would not meet Aimpoint standards. I would be chastised, or knee-capped outside. Actually I’m not, but it’s that glue line on the front lens – one hundred percent cosmetic, the optic is perfectly functional – but you wouldn’t see one like this in the Aimpoint box at your store. All right–

You used half a package of Q-tips, but that’s perfectly fine.

Yeah, yeah. All right here we go.

Take your rear-lens … Looks good also.

Okay, now the rear lens is clean. It’s ready to on the optic, I’m going to put on the O-ring, grease it up, lock-tight it and lock it in place.

Put a thin layer of grease on the O-ring. Right now, the O-ring is going on first, and then you have the threads. You’re going to have some glue. Put it on there. Take the tool, tighten it all the way Release. Take a quick look.


The outside you can clean later, if you need to.


Yeah? Good!

Here we go. That was tougher than I thought it was going to be … All right, Aimpoints are together, now this is the final station.

Yeah, correct. We’ll begin with the battery, we’re going to take the last look at the LED, have you got some dirt on the LED, etcetera.

Looks good to me, check it out.

You’re good.


Take this little gasket here, place it down, turn it, be sure that the battery can make contact with the spring.

Okay, all right. Now I take out two of these–

Two caps–

And two of these–

Two straps.

It used to be that caps had an O-ring on the inside, and one of the things they did was they made this a sealed unit now so you don’t need that.

Place it around there, turn, hold your finger here … Done.

Tell me what you think, Matthew.

Well, I think it’s actually Aimpoint approved.

Except for the glue on the front lens.

Yes, it’s a little cosmetic, so–

But in terms of functional sight, you’re totally good to go.

Passes all the tests. Well done.

Thank you, bro. Appreciate it. Thanks for the tutelage.

No problem.

My own Aimpoint control rifle optic right there you go. Two minute dot … Hey, thanks for watching the Vickers Tactical YouTube channel. To subscribe, click here. To watch some of my favorite videos, click here. Have a good one – LAV out.

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