BOND ARMS Derringer Style Hand Cannons Video

How are you doing? My name is Gordon Bond. I’m with Bond Arms. We’re here at the 2014 Shot Show. We’re going to show you a little bit about one of our guns here. We’ve got quite a few at the show. This is the USA Defender. This will chamber a 2 1/2-inch 410 or a 45 Long Colt. It’s got the extended grip. It comes with a leather driving holster, which is horizontal. If you want to see that, I can show you that here in just a little bit.

In the past and some of the current leather manufacturers of derringers, one of the issues that they have with safety is that the hammer lays right on the firing pins, which means that the firing pin is sticking out in the chamber. If you drop it with a live round, you’re going to have an accidental discharge. With ours, one of the patents is this jumps back and locks in a half-cock position.

It also has a cross-bolt safety for safety. One of the other things is the old design had the locking lever over on this side. You had to flip it 180 degrees, open the barrel, load it, close it and flip that lever back. It was a two-hand operation. The way my brother designed the gun is, for ease of operation, he made it where you can cock it, and you can take it off safety and open or close it with one hand. You push it a quarter of an inch, and it opens up. Then it locks like a volt.

Not to mention, most derringers, you don’t see the trigger guard

We’re the first to ever put a trigger guard on this type of gun.


The extended grip just gives you an extra finger on the grip for control. One of the cool things is, when my brother designed the gun, basically, he wanted to make it where you could buy one frame and have multiple barrels. What he did was just very simply—this is an 1/8-inch Allen wrench. There’s one screw. You open up the barrel to take the tension off the screw. You do about five or ten swipes there, and you can switch barrels that quick. That’s a 45/410, but you can switch barrels all the way down to a .22 Long rifle or a .22 Mag on the same frame.

We have just about every handgun caliber except for .44 mag, for obvious reasons, and 380 because I don’t really like 380. It’s just a great, great package here. Just to show you how this holster works, this is the driving holster. This is a package deal. We have two guns that come as a package. The Ranger and the USA Defender. This holster is just really simple. You slide it up underneath the belt. You cinch it up tight. That’s a thumb break. You can cover it with a coat or a shirt. Traditional holsters, when you sit, they ride up on you. You forget you have this one on.

You can thumb break quick and easy. I will do that again. You’ve got the thumb break for easy place. If you’re going into a place where you can’t take the gun, it’s just this easy to take it off. Do you want to check out our guns a little bit more?


Let me show you one more. This is the Ranger II. There’s the trigger guard. This will chamber a 3-inch 410. It comes with a driving holster also. Let me see that one real quick. This is our new back-up. This is our tactical gun. It has the black rubber grip. It has the crinkle powder coat. It’s still stainless steel. A lot of people wanted a non-shine gun for carry conceal. What we did was we bead blasted all the parts that would shine.

We have a tremendous amount of cops, ex-cops and ex-military that love our guns. We get emails from them all the time. We wanted to do something in dedication to them. This is a small package. This is 45 ACP. We’ll have it in .40 Smith & Wesson 9mm. You can still put a 410 barrel on here too. It’ll chamber them all. It’s just an awesome little package.

It’s perfect for me

As you muzzle your finger.

I muzzled my finger just doing proper safety right here.

We designed this to shoot big calibers. This is the true hand cannon. Check out Bond Arms. It’s Our phone number, if you want to call for a free brochure, is (817) 573-4445. Thanks, guys.

Thank you, sir.