Bond Arms Derringer – Range Shooting Video

Hello, friends. Today we’re looking at the Texas Defender, made by Bond Arms. It’s a 2-shot derringer that shoots .410 shot shells and .45 long colt. It weighs 20 ounces; it’s real sturdy, heavy kind of feeling gun being so small. Let’s take it on the range today and see how it performs.

What a cool little gun, Bond Arms Texas Derringer. It does have a little bit of a pop to it though. What I have here are 6-shot game loads. Put them in just like this, shut it and there you go. You have to pull the hammer back, makes it kind of hard but it does shoot. Very nice I can feel it a little bit in my wrist there, holding that one handed. I have to say, feeling the power; I’m enjoying it so far.

Here’s what I’m shooting, Remington game loads, it’s a 6-shot once again. About 9 yards away from this target, let’s see what happens here.  Looks like its spread out quite a bit, let’s take a closer look.

Well, that game load spread out a little bit. They’re shots all throughout this pizza box. Pretty consistently spread out throughout, but not as tight as I thought it would be at nine yards.

One thing about this gun does have a little extractor here, it helps get the shells out, but it does stick a bit. Kind of refreshing from having to load a magazine all the whole time, but it does require some maintenance to it with the two shots. It’s a heck of a pop, and it does spread out quite a bit.

For female hands, maybe a little hard to pull the hammer back or just smaller male hands, but it does take a little bit of effort to that. Trigger’s rather light, you do have to pull down and towards you, but it just seems natural for this gun. Let me pop a few more here. As you can see, it spread out quite a bit. Doesn’t really make the milk jugs explode, just puts pellets throughout.

Here we have the PDX1 Defender, that’s the .410 with the three disks, 12 BBs. Let’s see how that does with the same target. This PDX1 shot shell, right there it’s loaded down with three initial disks, and 12 pellets or bb’s. Just a nasty thing to be hit with a self-defensive situation, here’s what it looks like. Man, I would hate to be on the receiving end of that.

Here is the PDX1 Defender, the recoil is pretty substantial, although manageable, it’s pretty substantial. You can feel it in your arm, after you’ve shot this gun a few times. I’m going to take a couple shots here and you can take a look. First, I’ll shoot with one hand, now with two.

Here the gun is empty; I’ve a PDX1 and a .45 Long-Colt. I’m going to put the PDX1 in the top barrel and the .45 Long-Colt in the bottom barrel. Let’s see if you can tell a difference as to which one it shoots, or what the recoil looks like. Take a look here, well I have to say both of them felt the same. However, the first one shot was a .45 Long-Colt and the second one was the PDX1 self-defense .410 shot shell.

All right, this is a Bond Arms Texas Defender. It’s been a lot of fun. A little different from your average gun so if you’re looking for something different you may want to check out this. It feels nice and solid, and like the way it performed today. There’s one more left. Thanks for watching.