Bond Arms Derringer: Practical or Not Video

Those of you that watch my channel might know that I have more than a few guns. I’ve got a lot of my basis covered. I have more than a few options for pretty much everything I would need a firearm for or anything that I would really think that I would need a firearm for.

Because of this, I’ve had to get a little creative sometimes when I’m justifying buying a new gun. I’m a very practical person. I like to be able to say, “I bought this gun for a reason.” Some of the guns I’ve bought recently might be — well, let’s say the reasons for which I convinced myself that I need them might not really be the most practical reasons.

I might have just pulled the wool over my own eyes just a little bit. I hang with a lot of theater people. I’m involved with a cabaret group. We do a lot of fundraising things for the humane society et cetera. A lot of these women in these groups are… Let’s say they’re theatrical, which also means that they’re very touchy feely.

You get groped a lot and hugged a lot when you go out or you see them anywhere. They’re just not the type to walk up and say hey. They are on you, hugs and kisses. That’s caused me a little bit of problems with the way I traditionally carry, which is outside the waist band or at my hip at 3 o’clock.

The main problem being they walk up, hands go on your hips. Their hands go around the back side of your hips or right on your hips. They feel your carry gun. That’s why I bought this gun that I just bought. What I bought might be seen to be a little impractical to everyone, but I bought this little derringer.

It came in this holster. This holster holds it sideways on your belt. This holster is actually designed to go on a seatbelt or your belt. You can carry it straight across like this, completely horizontally on your belt and carry it kind of towards the front right here. Boy, it conceals really easily.

Even when people come to give you a hug, they’re not going to feel it. Well at least not unless they’re doing a big crotch grind or something. If they’re not doing a crotch grind on you, they’re not going to feel this gun.

They can put this gun on your hips, behind your hips, wherever they want to put them. They won’t feel this. It’s really easy to pull. Now this holster is pretty much brand new, so right now it’s not the easiest thing to draw. It just draws right out right here from a very easy draw position.

It’s not the most practical gun in the world. It’s only two shots of .410 caliber bullets, or you can use .45 long colt, or .45 colt actually. To me, I think this is a great purchase.

I think it’s a great, little backup gun to carry into a bar or something. Yes, we can carry in bars in Oregon. You put that there. You go out with your, like I said, theatrical friends. When you get hugged and patted down, you don’t really get noticed.

You don’t get made. Little Bond .410/.45 colt Derringer, two shot. I can wear it on my belt in a place that doesn’t interfere with getting groped. I think it’s pretty practical. What do you think?

If you think it’s practical, say below in the comments: “I think that’s a very practical gun. I think that was a very good reason to buy it.” If you don’t think it’s practical, then [bleep] you. Who cares what you think?

I mean, good God, you’re not the practical police. Who assigned you to be the practical police? When you start paying my goddamn bills, you can decide what guns I buy.

Okay, it’s been a while since I did one of these… but if you didn’t see that coming, you have only yourself to blame. In other words… NO REFUNDS!

Please support your local animal shelters and other local animal charities.

You’re not even my real dad.

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