Bond Arms Backup .45 ACP – Ultimate Conceal Carry Derringer Video

Hey there, friends! Thanks for checking in. Today, we’re looking at Bond Arms. This is a .45 Backup. This is built like a tank. It’s not your typical Derringer that you see at gun shows for a 100 or 125 dollars. This is so much better. It’s the ultimate in Derringer carry. Let’s take a closer look!

This is a Bond Arms .45 Backup. This is a nice little gun. It’s a .45 ACP. It’s not your typical derringer. It’s built strong, as it should be to hold .45 auto.

This lever released the barrel. It’s a two-shot.

It’s got a nice trigger guard. If I had to guess, I’d say the trigger pull is eight or nine pounds. It has a nice, thick hammer. It has a couple safeties on there. The first is a cross bolt. Pushing that prevents the hammer from dropping on.

It has another safety called a transfer bar. It does not directly hit the firing pin. It hits the transfer bar and then hits the firing pin. It’s a very cool gun.

It has rubber grips that you can put two fingers on. It feels good and shoots well. It’s accurate for having a little barrel. It has a ramped up front site that fits with the notches in the rear. It lines up really well.

Let’s go ahead and load it.

Get that barrel up. The bottom barrel fires first, but it’s actually the top barrel.

Bullets slide into place and barrel clicks into position.

Then, it rotates down, and it is the bottom barrel. We’ll go ahead and do that now.

It’s very cool to use the cut-out in the barrel to remove the rounds quickly. It’s no big deal. It loads up quick and is an excellent gun.

I’ve shot a few derringers in my life, and this is not your average derringer. I see them at gun brokers for around $350. It is worth every penny. It’s built strong, carries tough and it’s a .45 auto.

It’s called a .45 Backup, but I’m sure many guys would carry it as their primary. It’s a great gun. I highly recommend it. It just shoots great.

Man, this one is a keeper, and it will last a lifetime. I’m carrying the .45 Backup in my pocket right now. It’s like no big deal, at all. I just reach down, grab it, cock it and fire it.

It’s just that easy. It carries really well.

Here’s a quick size comparison of the Bond Arms USA Defender and the smaller .45 Backup.

Here we have a loaded Backup .45.

It has one round in each chamber. It has a total of two rounds.

I place it on the scale and it weighs a total of 20 and three-eighths ounces.

Versatility is always good. People like options. Let’s just say you’re not into the .45 Auto, but you’re into the 357 Magnum or the lesser powered 38 Special. Bond Arms makes a barrel just for that. It’s as simple as removing a pin.

I did a quick safety check. They provide an allen wrench. You remove the pin. It takes less than a minute. I was able to remove the two and a half inch, powder coated .45 Auto barrels. I replaced it with a three inch, stainless steel, 357, 38 Special barrels. Look at that!

Isn’t that beautiful? Now you have the option to shoot 357 or 38 Special all day long. It took less than a minute.

Go ahead and check out Bond Arms .45 Backup! There’s no other Derringer better than this. It is the ultimate carry Derringer!

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