Best Conceal Carry Handgun Video

Hey everybody, how’s it going? I’ve been doing a lot of videos on concealed carry lately, and I thought it would be kind of incomplete if I didn’t talk about what I recommend as the best concealed carry gun on the market as of April 2014, the date of this video.

That is the M&P Shield. This is the Smith and Wesson 9 mm M&P Shield, and I really think that this is the best bang for your buck gun on the market right now. There’s more capable guns than this, and there’s guns that are easier to conceal than this, but I think that this is really the sweet spot in the market right now, which is that single-stack 9 millimeter, or single-stack 380 for some of you that are leaning that way.

That is, really, the sweet spot in the market. This gun, the M&P Shield, really represents a feature-laden gun for a really great price. It has a great trigger. It has good sights. Overall finish is fantastic, and superb, on the gun. Ergonomics are great.

The way it handles when you’re shooting is really, really nice. It doesn’t have a ton of recoil. It handles recoil very well. The controls are really nice for what they are, but they are not ambidextrous, which is one of the biggest downsides to the gun.

It does have a safety, which can be a plus for some people and a negative for others. I believe it’s unobtrusive enough and positive enough to utilize in the off position for those of you guys that don’t like safeties. That’s something to consider as well.

You’re getting good stopping power. It does come in the 40. I’m not a big fan of 40. I do like the 9 millimeter, so this is kind of where I’m at. Capacity-wise, it’s seven plus one. With the extended mag, it’s eight plus one. It’s got decent capacity.

The best thing about the Shield is the fact that you can get it for less than $400. Brand new. In fact, I saw a store in my area that had one for $375, brand new. That is just a phenomenal price.

I’ve seen them used for even less than that. For what you’re getting—you’re getting a quality firearm at a great price. I don’t think I could recommend a gun—a better gun than this, right now on the market. I really don’t—

For less than $400, I mean, dang—that’s a good gun for the money. What I carry right now is the Springfield XD-S in 9 millimeter. I paid $579, I think, for that gun, when I bought it brand new. It’s a Bi-Tone.

I like that gun a bit more for me than the Shield, but for the price—for, like, a $150 plus difference, I really just—I can’t recommend it better—more than the Shield.

I think the Shield is, really, the best value for the money right now on the market. I don’t carry this. This is DocTacMom’s—this is my wife’s concealed carry gun. She’s put about 700 rounds through it with not a single boggle at all.

This thing’s is just running like a champ, and it’s just a fantastic gun, so—anyway, I know there’s going to be some of you guys out there that are going to disagree to me as to what you recommend, or what you think is the best concealed carry gun on the market right now.

What I want you to do is, if you disagree with me, or even if you don’t disagree with me, let me know down below what you guys think is the best concealed carry gun for April 2014, right now. I think it will be a really interesting conversation.

Anyway, guys, thanks very much for watching, and we’ll catch you next video. See you.