The Best Budget Concealed Carry Gun Video

Hey, what is going on? Keith from trigger happy. Going to talk about the subject of budget concealed carry. A lot of people are looking for their first concealed carry gun and they don’t want to break the bank by doing that. They always ask me, “What’s the gun that I can buy for 300, 350 dollars or less and still be reliable, and still be easy to carry, easy to conceal?” That is a pretty loaded question and there are a lot of options out there. Ruger LC9, excuse me Beretta Nano even a Smith and Wesson shield if you can find it, used maybe, stuff from sky, Kel-Tec PF9. These are all really good options and stuff that I would carry on a day to day basis and not have any problem doing so, but if you are looking for the most bang for your buck, which I think we all are, the Taurus PT709 has to rank right up there and I really, really like this gun.

In my opinion, I want to carry a 9 mm pistol or larger most of the time unless I need a really, really deep concealment because I have got shorts, I have even carried a gun with swimming trunks on, something like that. Generally I want to carry a 9mm. So, finding a small compact 9mm can be kind of tough sometimes, but Taurus PT709 is a great option. Very slim profile, it’s less than an inch in profile, this one has a stainless top, and others more commonly are black, but this gun, price point, roughly 300 dollars which is not too bad. For the stainless you got to add about 20 to 25 dollars, not too big of a price deal there, so it’s kind of whatever you like.

Adjustable rear sides which I like. You find that is not an option on a lot of carry guns having adjustable sides but Taurus does have that option. Nice 3 dot low profile pattern here, easy to acquire. Some guns, Ruger comes to mind, the sides are just inadequate, is the best word for it. Very difficult to shoot, extremely difficult to aim well, these I have had no problem. Breaks down like a Glock, so if you are used to shooting a glock it’s that style of breakdown so it’s easy to take apart. It comes with two, 7 rounds 9mm magazines which is always good. A lot of guns nowadays only ship with one magazine. You going to buy the second, you going to have 30, 35, 40 dollars depending upon what gun you are carrying. I know I carry a Sig P938 a lot, 40 dollar magazine which is ridiculous, getting two magazines in the box, fantastic. Has a really nice trigger and I have always raved about these triggers, you can see it’s clear.

I will show you the trigger here, they call it the double-single action, so there is a fair amount of bring up but it breaks really crisply. Now, cool thing with the 709, let’s say that round did not go off, we had a light primer strike, hard primer or something, just keep pulling. That’s fantastic it goes right back to double action which I really like, so in a defensive situation, I don’t want to worry about re-wracking my slide, what’s going on with my gun, I am just going to pull the trigger again. Chances are, that round that didn’t go off the first time would go off the second time. I really like that option, it’s – needs to be on more guns, let’s put it that way. Does have a manual safety only on the left side. I know a lot of people complain about manual safety. Look you don’t like manual safety, you don’t have to use it.

You carry it with the safety off, it’s no big deal, it’s a tiny button here it’s not in the way, it’s not obstructive get over it, I am sorry. I do like it, I like to have a manual safety, I am used to it in a lot of my guns, so I can deal with it. I just wish it was ambidextrous because we have a lot of left-handed shooter out there, they will kind of like it. Loaded chamber indicator which is nice, some guns don’t have that, it’s not a big deal but it’s nice to have it there. The magazine release is in a great spot, it’s a little small for my liking but I don’t find that it’s a problem to actually – I can handle it quite well. Has a safety in the trigger, so it’s similar to there again a Glock, a Springfield or something like that, you are used to that trigger so you can handle that as well. Overall, the biggest benefit to this aside from the price it’s very easy to conceal, again with that slim profile and the shortened grip, which I still kind of have my pinky on here, I can shoot it and conceal this very well and be confident that nobody is going to detect it under whatever I am wearing.

Generally I will carry this in an inside the waist band, whole stuff you know, easy to conceal. I know a lot of people expect that they put in the comments that I don’t care if people know that I am carrying my gun, whatever, hey I don’t want get into that situation where I am walking through target and somebody can tell that I am carrying a fire arm and then I have got to talk to the sheriff’s department on why I got a gun even though I am carrying it legally, I don’t need the hustle. So carry a gun that you can conceal, nobody is going to detect and this fits the bill perfectly. I have had zero reliability problems, I have owned Taurus 709 for probably three years, no problems whatsoever. “How does it shoot?” I tend to shoot this gun slightly low, it’s a gun that I shoot a little bit low.

I find it that it grips extremely well but I am always about an inch to an inch and a half low every single time of my intended target. Defensive situations, is that a big deal? Absolutely not, this gun’s not meant to be shot at 25 or 50 yards, can it make that shot? Maybe, I have never really tried it, I generally practice at 7 to 10 yards and I have had no issues there in terms of – again, no reliability problems and just shoots a little bit low for me but you might find it a little bit different. So if you are looking for a budget gun, “I don’t want to spend 5, 6, 700 dollars,” that’s fine, just get the best gun you can for your budget and I think the Taurus PT709 is perfect. It will do everything you want it to do and you can count on it to be there when you need it, God forbid you ever do.

So, just my thoughts you can sound off, any comments, whatever you want. I don’t think there is a bad choice out there, in terms of – you know a lot of these guns that I mentioned earlier in this video, “Are they bad?” “Absolutely not,” “Have I had experience with all of them?” “Yes,” but this is my choice for the best budget gun out there. So let me know what you think, we’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching, kid from trigger.