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Heckler and Koch Unveils New VP9 Grey

H&K vp9 grey

At Omaha Outdoors, we have a special interest in factory colored or special edition models. We believe that each individual should be able to distinguish themselves, and often time a little thing like the color of your firearm can make

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Announcing the Limited Run Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Stealth SBR

BAMF stealth by cobalt kinetics

Shooters today are blessed with a diverse selection of different AR-15 manufacturers. Even as recently as a decade ago, pretty much the only way to get a competition or custom battle-ready rifle was to build one yourself. Today, many of

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New Vickers AR-15 Coffee Table Book

When the Vickers 1911 Coffee Table Book was released, the entire stock sold out in less than six months. Realizing the popularity of this product, Larry Vickers recognized that he would have to follow up with something equally iconic. Naturally,

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Hera Arms Release New P90-Style AR Accessories

hera arms new p90 ar-15 stock

Looking to push the boundaries of AR-15 design and customization, Hera Arms has announced their intention to offer a new FN Herstal P90-inspired furniture for the modern AR-builder. When it comes to specialized military and tactical products, a name like

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The New Ruger LCP II Pistol

new ruger lcp II

Like a handful of other manufacturers on the market, Ruger has earned its place in the industry and remains one of the most recognizable brands around. For many shooters, the first, second, and third choice for a weapon is a

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Honor Defense Offers Their New Longslide Pistol

honor defense honor guard longslide

Here at Omaha Outdoors, we are always looking to stay on top of the latest releases so we can deliver the newest and best options on the market. Though some shooters might prefer to stick to what they know, many

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Ready Your ARs – A New Hexmag Is Coming

hexmag series 2 magazine

While shooters spend countless hours selecting the right parts for their AR-15, it seems that some of those parts never get the attention they deserve. You find people covering article after article about a new charging handle. You notice a

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Examining the AXTS Freedom Bone Charging Handle

axts freedom bone charging handle

If you are an AR-15 shooter who loves using your suppressors, there may be some great news coming from the AXTS headquarters. After many years of producing the popular Raptor charging handle, AXTS has announced their new Freedom Bone system.

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A Close Look at the Sig Sauer P320 Tacops Pistol


Finding a Sig Sauer P320 Tacops pistol that is suppressor ready can be somewhat difficult. For some shooters, it seems like these guns are more a myth than a tangible product. To clear a few things up for shooters, YouTube

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Winchester Expands Its X3 Shotgun Lineup

winchester x3 composite sporting

There are few names in the shooting world that can really stand alongside Winchester Repeating Arms. Sure, they aren’t out their producing some revolutionary new polymer pistol. No, they aren’t developing that custom competition rifle. And no, you won’t likely

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FNH Reveals Military Collectors Series – Shot Show 2016 News

fn-15 m4 with bayonet and accessories

Military, law enforcement, and various other professional shooters recognize FN Herstal as a name to trust. When it comes to real-life situations, their weapons are made to stand up to the stress of regular use and provide some exceptional options

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Sig Sauer Unveils New P320RX Pistol – Golden Bullseye Winner

new sig sauer p320rx

When designing a new firearm, one of the target goals for any manufacturer is to obtain a coveted Golden Bullseye award. This year, Sig Sauer gets to celebrate one of these small victories with the introduction of their P320RX handgun.

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Beretta Unveils New M9 Handgun To Be Used By U.S. Armed Services, Available For Civilians (One comment)


Already recognized as a leader in the field of handgun manufacturing, Beretta has taken one of their own popular products, the M9 pistol, and engineered improvements to it that clearly demonstrate the company isn’t content to rest on its laurels.

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