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Henry Repeating Arms Hits 2018 Hard

Henry’s well known for their powerful and finely crafted lever action rifles. They create some truly beautiful guns that function as good as they look. Henry Repeating Arms is introducing three new products for 2018, but I doubt they’ll stop there. Big Boy Color Case Hardened Rifles Henry Repeating Arms introduced two color case hardened rifles in 2016 and they proved to be big hits. They are gorgeous guns and perfect for the classic cowboy in all of us. Henry now plans to introduce 6 more guns with the finish for 2018. Henry is doing 3 rifles with 20-inch barrels

The Long and Short of HK’s New Pistols

The Heckler & Koch VP9 has rapidly become one of the most sought after pistols on the market just a few short years after its introduction. The striker fired polymer frame handgun – something HK knows well, having introduced the world’s first such pistol, the HK VP70 in 1970 – was more affordable than previous HK offerings without sacrificing any of the quality or reliability that the company’s firearms have become known for. What was lacking from their lineup, though, were pistols of different sizes and for different purposes. Competition shooters yearned for a longslide version and police officers and

Smith and Wesson M&P M2.0 Review v1.0

Smith and Wesson M&P M2.0 Review v1.0

The most talked about Smith and Wesson product at SHOT 2017 was the M&P M2.0, the company’s first major update to the M&P pistol line since its introduction in 2005. While the M&P had made major inroads upon the law enforcement and concealed carry markets, it was not received without criticism. Some aftermarket parts had become so popular that they were almost considered by some to be required upgrades to a box-stock M&P. Smith and Wesson took notice of this and has attempted to address the areas most people sought to upgrade. Here we review in a brief, initial manner

Hudson H9 Review: Padawan, Not Master

Hudson H9 Review: Padawan, Not Master

Photo Credit: The Firearm Blog Few products received more attention among gun journalists at SHOT 2017 than the Hudson H9. The buzz in the waiting line was that the pistol resulted from throwing a Glock and a 1911 into a volcano at the moment of eruption. With the double stack mag and reliability of a Glock and the trigger of a 1911 with some new design elements unlike any other pistol, it’s everything a pistol shooter could ever want, right? Yes… if it delivers on those promises. In this review based on our initial impressions at SHOT Media Day at

Wilson Combat Strong Favorite To Supply SEAL Sniper Rifles

Wilson Combat Strong Favorite To Supply SEAL Sniper Rifles

Well placed sources at SHOT have informed us that in a competition to supply Navy SEALs with 7.62x51mm semi-auto precision rifles, Wilson Combat’s entry has emerged as the leader in both accuracy and reliability. Although scant details can be found on even the existence of a competition, our sources say that Wilson Combat built a lightweight and highly functional AR-10 type rifle which beat out entries which undoubtedly included FN Herstal, HK, LaRue, Sig Sauer, and others. When asked for comment, a Wilson Combat representative responded, “I can’t comment at this time on any potential or pending military contracts.” The

Army Chooses New Handgun – P320 Becomes M17

In what is certain to be one of the most important small arms contracts of the last few decades, the US Army announced on Thursday that Sig Sauer of New Hampshire had been awarded a $580 million contract under the XM17 Modular Handgun System program. The program had been under fire in recent years, even being brought up by multiple Senators during the recent confirmation hearings of General James Mattis as the potential Secretary of Defense, with comments from the Senators that the program was an example of procurement processes in dire need of overhaul. Whether or not the decision

Can I Dry Fire It? – Caring for Your Firearm

Firing Pin - Dry Fire

For 2017, we wanted to look for ways to better reach the average shooter and answer any questions they might have. Among that, we have started to pay close attention to online communities to sniff out those most frequently asked questions. Every day, rookie and veteran gun owners go to sites like this in search of answers to some of the most important questions. While some of those questions might seem easy to answer, we decided to pick out those that get asked more frequently and address them here. This week, we wanted to start off by addressing the common

Major Recall – Sig Sauer MCX Replacement

Sig Sauer MCX Recall BCG

When the Sig Sauer MCX was released, the entire gun industry watched with baited breath. Many were excited to see this modular platform enter the market -an alternative to the AR-15 platform that really stood out as unique. With its various configuration options and affordable price tag, many were excited to try it out. In fact, many who shot it, including us at Omaha Outdoors, found it was an absolute delight. Reviews were positive and it seemed that Sig Sauer really had outdone itself with a new battle rifle design. Of course, time can sometimes betray you and in recent

New CMC Glock Flat Trigger Announced

CMC Glock Trigger

If you are a dedicated AR builder, odds are you are familiar with CMC triggers. Whether you used one before or not, you likely know someone who trusts these triggers to get the job done right. They offer a crisp break, smooth pull, and are reliable enough to function on a competitive or duty weapon. Trusted by so many in the industry, it was only a matter of time before they started releasing new models beyond the standard AR. Well, that time has finally come and many expect that Shot Show 2017 will come with an official reveal. In the

A New Precision Adjustable Stock – Magpul News

While competitive shooters of any platform understand just how much the little changes can affect accuracy, the average shooter doesn’t always consider every variable. The fact is, most factory weapons are just fine as they are, providing enough accuracy for target practice and many times meeting or exceeding professionals expectations. Despite this, the growth of the gun industry has allowed for more shooters than ever to really pay attention to the components they use. Whether for professional or personal use, finding the right parts can have a major impact on your performance. Among those parts, a new Magpul PRS Gen

Polymer80 Teasing New PF940CV1 Frame

While the Glock gained some popularity due to its reliable system and durable construction, in recent years its fan community seems to have shifted to those looking for customization options. In fact, there have been more than a few companies pop up over the past decade dedicated solely to providing aftermarket Glock parts and improvements. Among those companies, Polymer80 provides some of the most affordable frames and, as the name aptly suggests, 80% kits to get started. Order Your Polymer80 Glock 19 Frame Today This requires some machining on your part and gives you the real ability to build a

New Raven Concealment Holster – Roland Special Phantom

Roland Special Glock 19

At Omaha Outdoors, we pride ourselves in fast shipping, great customer service, and diversity of selection. While some companies are happy to stick with the big-name brands, we work hard to secure partnerships with all of the best companies out there, including the little guys. While a company like Raven Concealment Systems is still in the growing stages, we are proud to be a partner of this brand because it offers some of the best holsters on the market today. If you haven’t tried one before, you are missing out. Of course, with the news we recently received, you’ll have