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The Long and Short of HK’s New Pistols

The Long and Short of HK's New Pistols

The Heckler & Koch VP9 has rapidly become one of the most sought after pistols on the market just a few short years after its introduction. The striker fired polymer frame handgun – something HK knows well, having introduced the

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Smith and Wesson M&P M2.0 Review v1.0

Smith and Wesson M&P M2.0 Review v1.0

The most talked about Smith and Wesson product at SHOT 2017 was the M&P M2.0, the company’s first major update to the M&P pistol line since its introduction in 2005. While the M&P had made major inroads upon the law

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Hudson H9 Review: Padawan, Not Master (5 comments)

Hudson H9 Review: Padawan, Not Master

Photo by The Firearm Blog Few products received more attention among gun journalists at SHOT 2017 than the Hudson H9. The buzz in the waiting line was that the pistol resulted from throwing a Glock and a 1911 into a

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Wilson Combat Strong Favorite To Supply SEAL Sniper Rifles

Wilson Combat Strong Favorite To Supply SEAL Sniper Rifles

Well placed sources at SHOT have informed us that in a competition to supply Navy SEALs with 7.62x51mm semi-auto precision rifles, Wilson Combat’s entry has emerged as the leader in both accuracy and reliability. Although scant details can be found

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Army Chooses New Handgun – P320 Becomes M17 (One comment)

Army Chooses New Handgun - P320 Becomes M17

In what is certain to be one of the most important small arms contracts of the last few decades, the US Army announced on Thursday that Sig Sauer of New Hampshire had been awarded a $580 million contract under the

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New Polymer80 Spectre Frame Colors – OD Green and FDE

New Polymer80 Spectre Frame Colors - OD Green and FDE

If you are the kind of shooter who regularly looks to build your own firearms, then you have likely heard of Polymer80 at one time or another. For AR builders, you might have even tried out one of their 80%

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ZEV Technologies Glock Buyer’s Guide

ZEV Technologies Glock Buyer's Guide

The ZEV Technologies Glock is designed to take the absolute best qualities of an already impressive pistol and enhance them with features to ensure the highest degree of accuracy and reliability. Whether you are looking to enter a competition or

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John Wick 2: Keanu Knows How to Shoot

John Wick 2: Keanu Knows How to Shoot

As a gun owner, you are likely tired of the many movie tropes surrounding guns. Action stars are often blessed with accuracy that defies physics, unlimited ammo, silent suppressors, and .50 caliber handguns that somehow have zero recoil. Of course,

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The Essential Guide To Self-Defense For Women (One comment)

There’s no shortage of self-defense blogs and websites out there. The problem is that there’s also no shortage of hype. And, that hype could get you hurt, or killed. You want to know what works and, at the same time,

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Sig Sauer P225 Reborn?

Sig Sauer P225 Reborn?

Though the initial declaration was somewhat unofficial, it appears that Sig Sauer has confirmed it will be re-releasing the P225 sometime this year. Though this announcement came as somewhat of a surprise for many enthusiasts, the promise of a July-August

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Rifle Review: Primary Weapons Systems MK220 – The Rifle Evolves

Primary Weapons Systems MK220 - The Rifle Evolves

During their 8 years as a Federally licensed firearms manufacturer, Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) has continued to re-think and re-engineer the AR-15 rifle platform. Their long-stroke piston-driven design has managed to combine the best of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s AK-15 and Eugene

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Salient Arms International Benelli M2 Packages

Salient Arms International Benelli M2 Packages

SAI Benelli M2 Performance Overview As a semi-auto tactical shotgun, the Benelli M2 comes in several variations designed for military, law-enforcement and civilian use. This shotgun is already well known for its proprietary Benelli inertia system of operation, which uses

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Ultimate List of Disaster Preparedness Resources

The end of the world as we know it or TEOTWAWKI as it is often referred to, could play out in any number of different scenarios and whether your world changes as a result of a natural disaster or a

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Rifle Review: Daniel Defense DDM4 V11 – The Civilian M-4 (One comment)

Daniel Defense DDM4 V11

Finally, there is a civilian version of the M-4 platform ready for the civilian market. We review the Daniel Defense DDM VII, which offers both a sporting rifle and a home self-defense firearm. This firearm provides what everyone wants to have ready for all

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Gun Review: Sig Sauer P238 Scorpion – A Different Micro-Compact

Sig Sauer P238 Scorpion FDE

Many shooters, after a few years, begin to find themselves adopting a particular type, style, caliber or size of handgun. It’s a natural tendency; we all like to stay with the familiar. In this review, we’re going to try to

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Rifle Review: War Sport LVOA-C – A New Approach to the AR-15 (One comment)

War Sport LVOA-C Colt Gray Rifle

The AR-15 is the single most popular rifle model currently in use by civilians in the United States. This isn’t just a review of another AR-15, it’s a review of a new approach to the entire type of firearm. Re-thinking

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Silencer Review: SilencerCo Osprey 45 – The Versatile Suppressor

SilencerCo Osprey 45 Silencer

Does “best seller” always equal “best”? In the case of the SilencerCo Osprey 45, that may very well be true. Although the advantages of suppressors have been known since they were first introduced more than a century ago, their sales

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Gun Review: Sig Sauer P250 Compact 9mm – The Modular Choice (2 comments)

Sig P250 Compact 9mm DAO Handgun

Somewhere between the ideas of one-size-fits-all to a customized gun, Sig Sauer has developed a system of modular handguns called the P250 series. It allows a buyer to choose the combination of frame, grip and caliber to meet specific requirements,

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Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm – The M&P Micro

S&W M&P Shield 9mm No Thumb Safety

Micro-compact semi-autos, with barrels in the three-inch range, have become particularly popular in recent years, especially as a conceal carry option. Although small-frame handguns in such calibers as .380 Auto have been available for a long time, shooters who want

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Gun Review: FN Herstal Five-SeveN – Handgun for the 21st Century

FN Five Seven

What does it take to create a dramatic shift in handgun design? Unlike a century ago, when John Browning could do it single-handedly, it now takes a major government (or multi-government) contract. The story of the FN Herstal Five-SeveN, which

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Gun Review: Springfield 1911 TRP Service – Tactical Response Pistol

Springfield 1911 TRP Service

How far can you take the 1911 pistol? From the standard military-issue M1911 to customized versions that have been carefully machined, polished and tweaked until they are extraordinarily accurate, this pistol has been produced in an amazing variety of models,

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Gun Review: HK USP Tactical 45 – The Civilian MK23

HK USP 45 Tactical

Any in-depth review of the HK USP Tactical 45 has to begin with its predecessor, the HK Mark 23. In the late 1980s, Heckler and Koch responded to a tender offered by the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to develop the

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Gun Review: Beretta 92FS 9mm – The 30th Anniversary

Beretta 92FS Handguns

Over the past 30 years, the Beretta 92FS 9mm has become a popular firearm for law enforcement use and in the homes and hands of civilians. We thought we’d give another look at this handgun, to review what has now

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Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Bodyguard Crimson Trace Laser .380 ACP

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard Crimson Trace Laser

In the search for the best design for a concealed carry firearm, gunmakers have followed different paths. The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard Crimson Trace Laser .380, which we review here, offers an interesting approach to solve the balance between concealment

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Gun Review: Limited Vickers Tactical Glocks 17 / 19 RTF2 FDE

Glock 19 FDE RTF2 Larry Vickers

Larry Vickers, well known for his work with both Glocks and 1911s, has created a limited run of special edition Glock 17s and Glock 19s. Working in conjunction with Vickers Tactical Sights and Tango Down, he has created the Glock

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Rifle Review: FN Herstal SCAR 16S FDE – A Rifle for the Civilian Operator


The FN Herstal SCAR 16S breaks tradition in so many ways, and it’s going to be a lot of fun to help it with that task. Unlike the usual pattern of military firearms adopted by the civilian market after years

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EOTech Unveils Models 518 & 558 At SHOT Show 2015

EOTech 518 558 SHOT Show 2015

At Shot Show 2015, EOTech announced that it would be changing up its lineup slightly, discontinuing some of its older models while introducing a couple of new optic powerhouses. Among the discontinued lines, EOTech announced they will no longer be manufacturing:

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Aimpoint Releases New Optics At SHOT Show 2015

Aimpoint ACO / Micro T-2 SHOT Show 2015

At this year’s Shot Show 2015, Aimpoint made a few announcements regarding the future product lines. Among these announcements, it unveiled a couple of new products that it hope will take the forefront of red dot sights and help shooters

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Rifle Review: IWI Tavor SAR – The Hebrew Hammer


The IWI Tavor SAR is a carefully designed, finely manufactured firearm that provides an outstanding tool for a specific task: a close-quarters defensive/offensive rifle, with longer range capabilities. The bullpup design, compact balance, ergonomic grip and trigger guard, outstanding integral

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Gun Review: Smith & Wesson 629 Performance Center Snub Nose Revolver (One comment)


In the world of wheelguns, the word “legend” can be applied to such names as Elmer Keith and the Smith & Wesson Performance Center. Together, they combine the classic era of handgunning and the dedication to the best that the

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