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Ultimate AR-15 Buyer’s Guide

The AR-15 is the single most popular firearm in the United States. Millions of them have been sold over the past 50 years, both the original Colt versions and those produced by other manufacturers. There’s little wonder why this should be so: Not only is the design accurate, reliable and robust, but also because of its history in various forms as a military, law enforcement and tactical rifle. It has become widely popular for home defense, hunting and as an accurate and as a fun range rifle. If you are considering buying an AR-15-type rifle for the first time, you

Double Threat – War Sport Costa Ludus Edition AR-15

Rifle Review: Double Threat - War Sport Costa Ludus Edition AR-15

After a half year of rumors and anticipation, the War Sport Costa Ludus edition AR-15 is now available. This carbine is the product of a close collaboration between Costa Ludus, a company that knows what shooters really need, and War Sport, a firearms manufacturing company that is without peer at manufacturing them. With that combination of expertise, the result is bound to be exceptional. This specially designed and manufactured firearm – call it the WSCL for short – is meant for individuals who want to have the best carbine when the stakes are at their highest. It is meant to

Gun Review: Glock 43 – The Fashionably Late Concealed Carry 9mm

Glock 43

After many months of anticipation, the new Glock 43 has been released, and we are pleased to offer our review of it. This 9x19mm pistol is the first single-stack Glock has produced in that caliber, providing a small and comfortable concealed carry package for Glock fans. It is not a radical departure from the basic Glock design, but it offers some features that will fill what many feel has been a gap in the gun maker’s lineup of handguns. For nearly a year – certainly as far back as last summer – rumors have been flying around that Glock was

Gun Review: Sig Sauer P320 Compact – Elevating the Standard

Sig P320 Compact FDE

Civilian shooters often only get their hands on advanced firearms technology long after it’s been introduced to the military. In the case of the Sig Sauer P320 series, this new truly modular handgun has been released into the general market at least a year before it begins to compete in the Department of Defense’s competition for a new sidearm for the military. That may mean that this is actually one of the world’s largest field trials, but if that’s what it takes to be able to own a P320, it’s worth it. For the sake of this Sig Sauer P320 compact gun

Gun Review: A Serious Tool – Springfield 1911 TRP Operator

Springfield Armory 1911 TRP Operator

An operator — a member of a special forces or special operations unit in the United States military — obviously requires the best equipment to achieve success. The highest quality sidearm is, naturally, a vital part of his armament. For years, Springfield Armory, Inc. has been making just such sidearms — although information on just how many years, the number manufactured and for the use of which units they’ve been doing so isn’t being generally discussed. What is public, however, is that these handguns are now being made available to the civilian market. We’ll review the Springfield 1911 TRP Operator,

Silencer Review: SilencerCo Octane 45HD – A Cross-Platform Suppressor

silencerco octane 45 hd

Under their slogan, “Fight the Noise!” the innovative company SilencerCo has developed a series of excellent firearm sound suppressors over just the few years since they were established in 2008. Their approach is simple, if revolutionary: make suppressors efficient, small and versatile. The SilencerCo Octane 45HD model, which we review here, shows just how successful they have been. The Octane 45HD is a small, light suppressor: just 8.5″ long and 1.375″ in diameter, weighing in at 12.1 ounces. With those dimensions, it does not overwhelm host firearms (some users, accustomed to other manufacturers’ models, report that it even looks a

Rifle Review: Colt LE6920 SOCOM – A Special Forces M4 in Civilian Hands

Colt LE6920 SOCO rifle

For years, it was virtually impossible to find a new Colt-manufactured AR-type rifle on the civilian market. Now, the good news is that a new line of Colts are finally available. It’s not just that they’re Colts that makes it a positive turn of events, but that they’re the most recent generation of this family of rifles. These include a model specifically developed for the U.S. military special forces but configured for civilian ownership. We are pleased to review the Colt LE6920 SOCOM. The maker’s name “Colt” on a rifle carries a great deal of authority, as well it should.

Gun Review: Les Baer Premier II – The 1911 With Guaranteed Accuracy

There’s no doubt that John Browning’s great design for the 1911 has become the classic American gun. It has served us for more than a century, both as the standard military sidearm and the choice for self-defense for generations. The very silhouette of this handgun has become instantly recognizable throughout the world and 1911 handguns have been for sale continuously ever since their introduction. As with so many traditions, however, the 1911 began to fall out of favor; it seemed… old-fashioned, somehow. The criticisms built up over the years: the accuracy of standard M1911s seemed to be inadequate, its capacity

Omaha Outdoors $250 Scholarship – Expires January 2016

As we say at Omaha Outdoors, we don’t buck around, and that’s why we are so excited to announce our 2015 scholarship program which will see one lucky student winning a $250 scholarship award. We are asking students to submit a short story on the topic of outdoor living. The main details of the competition are as follows: Omaha Outdoors will award $250 to the applicant we consider has submitted the best entry. You must be at least 18 years of age. To be eligible for entry, you must be currently attending a U.S college or university, or will be

Top 10 Rimfire Self-Defense Guns

If you have an aged grandmother living alone in an apartment, or perhaps know a young couple who had just moved next door, and they said to you, “I get worried about someone breaking in while I’m at home. I’m thinking about buying a firearm. Do you have a suggestion?” what answer would you give them? It’s not a unlikely scenario: firearm ownership has been increasing in the United States over the past couple of decades, particularly among first-time buyers. Overall crime rates may be down, but there are hot spots — and not always in large, urban areas —

Are you Prepared for the 8 Major Threats to the Future of America?

There are numerous inherent dangers in our world that can change life as we know it and even threaten our very existence, but many people choose to ignore the warning signs or simply don’t believe anything could happen to them. Those among us who are more cautious and savvy would rather not take the risk of being unprepared for any eventuality that could put the future of a global power like America into question. World Economic Forum lists the dangers A good starting point when trying to assess the potential dangers that the world faces is to take a look

Gun Review: Glock 42 – Conceal Carry Gun That Won’t Disappoint

As the first new handgun model introduced by Glock in several years, the Glock 42 subcompact single-stack .380 Auto is the result of a long course of research and development. Certainly, with the increasing interest in (and practice of) concealed carry in the United States, a new small, slim handgun has been greatly anticipated. The results were well worth the wait. In this Glock 42 gun review, the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the G42 is that it looks like a Glock. The Safe Action trigger system is the same as in other models, and the