Aimpoint Releases New Optics At SHOT Show 2015

Aimpoint ACO / Micro T-2 SHOT Show 2015

At this year’s Shot Show 2015, Aimpoint made a few announcements regarding the future product lines. Among these announcements, it unveiled a couple of new products that it hope will take the forefront of red dot sights and help shooters really get the most out of their firearms. Though many already consider Aimpoint to be the leader in red dot technology, these products are sure to make a splash in the optics category for firearm enthusiasts.

The first in the new lineup is the Aimpoint ACO (Aimpoint Carbine Optic). Made specifically for use with the modern sporting rifle, namely the AR-15, this gives shooters a powerful new option when it comes to AR-15 sights. With a single lithium battery, this new reflex sight is rated to last for over 1 year of continuous use, which should make replacing the battery a rare activity to say the least. Featuring 10 separate settings and a 2 MOA, shooters will enjoy superior accuracy and the ability to use during just about any time of day.

In addition to this carbine optic, the Aimpoint Micro T-2 is the next anticipated release. To be featured alongside the Mirco T-1 in its product lineup, this red dot takes battery life to another level, featuring the ability to last for over 5 years of continuous use on one lithium battery. Though it only features one daylight setting, this solution is intended for the nighttime operator, offering 4 separate night vision settings (NVD). These sights are made to be extra durable, with an acceptable temperature range going from -50 degrees Fahrenheit to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also able to be submerged up to 80 feet and provides a 2 MOA for reliable accuracy.

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About Aimpoint

Aimpoint has developed a notable following within the shooting community for producing many of the best weapon sights. Offering a wide selection of optic solutions, they allow shooters to make the adjustments necessary to ensure maximize accuracy and ease of use. When you are looking to find Aimpoint sights for sale, Omaha Outdoors sells all each of the newest product lines and all of the classics you have come to appreciate. This helps ensure you can find everything you need in one place, and move on to the range.

Many shooters have come to trust Aimpoint for consistent and affordable firearm accessories. Specializing in red dot sights, Aimpoint offers a variety of different sights to fit just about any occasion, including advanced night vision options for those who need to work in the dark. Whether for hunting, competitive shooting, or tactical situations, the company releases an array of weapon sights designed to help ensure you always get the best shot.