Aimpoint or EOTech Video

All right, guys, so after a lot of requests to do a comparison video between the Aimpoint T-1 and EOTechs. We’re going to go ahead and do that for you today. We’re going to talk about our experiences them and some of the pros and cons with both.

Okay. So let’s do a quick comparison of these two Red Dot sights we have out here today. First off on Cory’s BCM Complete, we do have the Aimpoint T-1 Micro. His model is the 2 MOA Dot version. It is available with a 4 MOA Dot essentially it is a 4-inch circle at 100 yards 2 MA, 2-inch Dot at 100 yards.

You know these things are – this sight is famous for its durability and its battery life. Aimpoint claims to have a 50,000 hour or about five year battery life on one battery with continuous operation. I can attest to that. Cory has had it on here for the last three-and-a-half years, since he’s owned it, and has never turned it off. And it hasn’t lost any brightness, and it hasn’t had to worry about changing the batteries or anything, so that’s kind of a testament to the battery life of that one.

On the other hand here we have is the EOTech XPS2, and I have the EOTech XPS2-2 on my rifle and it uses a CR123A your standard 3 volt battery here in the front. And it has a slightly lesser battery life; it also has an auto off feature. I believe it’s eight hours. Not a huge fan of the eight hour auto off feature, I’d rather be able to actually have to manually turn my red dots off, just in case I may have to run it for a little bit longer than that but if you’re just – you’re a civilian recreation shooter out there, not too much of a worry with that. It should be able to run all day for you.

The Aimpoint is actually a little bit more expensive than the EOTech here. It retails with a MSRP just under $700 vice the EOTech has a MSRP of just under $540. But you can find both these models for quite a bit less than that, if you search the right website, the right online store, or find a used one out there. Some online stores do actually sell these two red dots with mount compatibles here. Both of them have American Defense mounts on them, obviously, your lower one third co-witness Aimpoint Micro mount from American Defense, and this is your EOTech mount. They’re both quick detach and both of those are from American Defense Manufacturing.

Now let’s talk about a couple more things. The weight of these two Red Dot sights, the EOTech is almost twice the weight of the Aimpoint. This comes in around 8 ounces. That’s without the amount and the Aimpoint comes in at 3.7 ounces or just under 4 ounces without the mount again, so a weight consideration there. You know ounces equals pounds, pounds equal pain. For those of you who are going to be carrying a rifle for a living or just a have a rifle slung around your back for quite a long time that kind of weight consideration might be needed to take into account.

I just want to go over a couple of more things about the EOTech holographic sights, and the Aimpoint Red Dots. First off there are couple more options for the EOTech in terms of radicals. The EXPS2-2, which actually has a 65 MOA ring with a 1M0A dot and a bullet drop MOA directly below that. And the idea is that if it’s zeroed for 50 yards and your center 1 MOA dot that the drop dot right below that will be pretty much spot on – that your holdover for 500 yards. All right, so there is an option there.

That’s – the only reason that I went with this is because when I was building this rifle, and even before I started working here with Range Time I got a pretty good deal from a guy on Indiana Gun Owners on a used, on this one, that I actually used. He hadn’t used it that much, offered me a pretty good price on it, so I went ahead and I picked it up.

Now that EOTech XPS Series are a non-night vision compatible. The EXPS Series from EOTech are your night vision compatible red dot sights from EOTech. The T-1 Micro from Aimpoint is your night vision compatible micro dot from Aimpoint. The H-1 is your non-night vision compatible. So, this is just a little considerations you might take if you actually run NODs and you are worried about that then you can go ahead and make sure that you get the night vision compatible sight. If not and you’re a recreational shooter or you plan on only shooting during the day, or using some other weapon for home defense or something where you might be shooting low light, middle light or not using night vision, not really that much to worry about with getting the night vision compatible one. Not really all that necessary.

One thing we do hit on I’m comfortable with going with either of these sights. You know, if the deal had been presented to me to pick up an Aimpoint Pro or a T-1 or something that, CompM3 from Aimpoint, I would’ve absolutely gone with it. You know their reputation stands for themselves, and Cory will hit on that in a second, and sort of the EOTechs. I do like the larger sight window. It’s a little bit easier to pick up that dot especially in at close distance. And with the 65 MOA ring and the tiny little 1 MOA dot in the center I do find it relatively precise for what I need to use it for at a distance.

All right. So you guys know I’ve run an Aimpoint T-1 for the past three-and-a-half years, extremely happy with it. You know looking back, would I have chosen something else, no. And I’m happy I didn’t. It’s been a great optic. Like Sam said, I’ve had it on the entire time.

When I bought the rifle, or bought the optic, it went on the rifle I turned it on, and it’s been on ever since. You know it’s something that I trust. I know that every time that I grabbed a rifle that the Aimpoint is going to work. There is a nice video out there from TACTV where their torture testing the Daniel Defense rifle, and they actually blew up the rifle, and they had a T-1 on there and the T-1 just, you know, kept working. It just squared away.

I couldn’t, I don’t know if you did the same thing to an EOTech if it would continue to work. I don’t know that and I’m not willing to blow up a $500 sight so I can’t speak for the durability for an Aimpoint,, or excuse me, an EOTech under that kind of circumstances. But what I will say is EOTechs are reliable. I mean as far as coming out and shooting hours and hours of shooting a lot of guys, a lot of guys use them overseas, law-enforcement, so that has to say something for the sight. If those guys trust their lives with these EOTechs it has to say something for the sights.

One thing that I do like better than my Aimpoint T-1 is a fact that the glass is larger. Okay. If you were going down to urban prone, if you are popping down to prone position, quickly, it is a little bit easier to pick up that red dot right away because that glass is much bigger and so that’s one thing I do like about the EOTechs. That’s not saying that within an Aimpoint that you’re not to be able to pick up the red dot, but that tube is obviously much smaller, the glass is smaller, and if you’re not used to it you may have a little bit of issues with that.

But, overall guys, it really comes down to you, what budget you have. I think either way it’s going to be a win-win thing. It’s really up to you guys. One thing also to consider is the battery life, like I said. The Aimpoint I’ve had it on for three-and-a-half years, I probably won’t turn off until it completely dies. With these guys here, the EOTechs, there is automatic shut off, the battery life isn’t near as good, so I’m not a fan of that. I think I can be improved, and maybe they would be a little bit more equal when it comes to the – comparing two. But right now for me, even though I own both if I had to buy an optic right now I would probably still go with an Aimpoint.

All right, guys, so that is our comparison of the Aimpoint T-1 Micro and the EOTech XPS2 and 2-2 as I have on my rifle. If you’re looking for something in the Aimpoint category that is comparable in price to the EOTech definitely go out and check the Aimpoint Pro or the Patrol Rifle Optic, similar to the CompM2 and also similar in price to the EOTech XPS Series.

Again, guys, those are our thoughts and our opinions. Please go ahead look at more videos, look at more comparisons, read up on these two sights, make your own educated decision before you just go. These are what we like. There’s other good stuff out there on the market. We’re looking at getting some other optics, taking a look at them for you guys out there.

So again, thanks a lot for watching today, guys. If you have any comments or questions, leave those in the comment box below, we’ll go ahead and get to them. If you have questions about training with us here at Range Time go ahead and send those e-mails to Cory, Eric or myself[@]

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