1911 Magazine Testing Video

How’s it going guys, all right, today I just wanted to do a quick little video. I have gotten some magazines for my SIG SXT 1911 get this clear. Anyways, the thing is, some of them I have are pretty cool I guess, but in the long run they’re pieces of junk because they don’t work. I just wanted to throw this information out there for all of you that do end up watching my videos.

Lets’ run some magazines through the 1911. Pretty much, any standard 8, 7-round magazine that goes into a 1911 works, they all set properly, lock if needed. The thing is that some of them just are unreliable feeding and whatnot. We’ll show you that coming down here in a few magazines. Here’s just your standard 8-round magazine. This is actually one that came with the gun itself. No problems, bolt locks back, or slide locks back.

Here is a Brownell magazine, there you go, it’s just an 8-round magazine. Here we go, again, no problems, slide lock back to the rear.

Now here is a ProMag 10-round, this is where you start getting into problems as when you start getting those ones that hold 10, 15, 20, whatever. I have not yet shot this one so, we’ll do it together. It sticks out a little at the bottom, but all right let’s give it a go see if it runs good. That thing thatches the cheap reload round that I have, not so much the mag, but maybe, maybe I don’t know, it didn’t go it. Let’s actually give it a go, see if it was the ammo or the magazine. Yes, see must be the ammo. I get this ammo fairly cheap, some reloads.

Now, we have the ProMag 15-rounder. I have shot this one, and this one I’ve had problems with it setting correctly. Beast! Let’s give this guy a go, see look, I don’t know if it’s the ammo or the gun, but whatever, we’ll see, here we go. See, right there, right there is what I’m talking about. That was the magazine that was doing that. Let’s give it another go. See look, not feeding any of them. The magazine is crap, crapola, piece of junk. If you’re ever looking for something cool and you just want it to hang on the wall and look cool, I guess, way to go, but if you’re looking for something that actually works, piece of garbage. Let’s give it another go here, see, I don’t know, cycle a round.

Well that time it finished off, I think I counted 11, but anyway you can see, I mean the thing’s junk, it didn’t work, the first few rounds, having a lot of trouble with. It seems like if you want to load this up with 10 or so, it seems like it will work fine, but if you want to actually load more than 10, then you’re going to have reliability problems which is an issue for me. It’s just a waste of money; I mean it was only like 15 bucks or something like that. Like I said you want something to hang on your wall or something that’s looks cool, I don’t know, then go right ahead. It functions, but if you go past the 10 rounds, you start running into reliability issues and that’s no good.

I just wanted to put it out there, mainly for these guys, any of the higher capacity 1911 mags that I’ve seen, they are pretty much junk, they don’t work too well, anyway don’t get ripped off guys. Don’t get ripped off like I did. Get outdoors, get yourself a gun, and get you some.