1911 Kimber Ultra CDP II: The Sexiest Concealed Carry 1911 Video

What’s going on, folks. This is Mr. Colion Noir, and this is the Kimber Ultra CDP 2. Chambered and 45 ACP. If there’s one thing about 1911’s that I’ll give them as… I’m not a fan of them due to capacity, and honestly, from a manufacturing standpoint, the new generation of the commercial brands of 1911’s to me are just not reliable out of the box. I don’t really too much utilize them for concealed carry or anything of that sort personally. That’s just my personal take on it.

Now, I do have an eye on a TRP from Springfield, so whenever I get some money to do something like that, I’ll go ahead and pick one of those up, just put a safe and pick it up. The only reason I even really started liking that gun, honestly, is because of Cory07Ink’s video. He has a TRP, and I’m in love with it. I think I might get that one in black at some point.

In the meantime, I want to talk about this CDP. All right. One of the things about the CDP, considering my thoughts on 1911’s, that I really, really like about this gun is this is a really pretty looking gun. I can’t use any other words to describe the way this gun looks except pretty. It’s just pretty, which is a bit odd, considering that we’re talking about a gun here, but it is.

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Most 1911’s are actually very, very, very good looking guns. I cannot… There’s one thing you cannot take away from a 1911 is that, my God, they are beautiful guns. With that being said, this CDP is just a good looking gun, and in my opinion, I love the color combo on this particular gun. With the black and the silver and then the brown on the handle grips, I really, really like that. It kind of turns out well.

This to me is a show me piece. This is a piece where when you’re out and about, or you’re with some friends who are also gun nuts, you can show them this care piece and say, “Here, look at my pretty, pretty, pretty little thing.” I mean, Glocks, you’ve seen them all. I mean, plastics. How pretty can a plastic gun be?

Something that’s metal or alloy all through and through, you really can’t beat the way it looks. You just can’t. Stainless steel slide. The weird thing is, it’s busy, but there’s still simplistic beauty to it that can’t really be denied.

I love that about 1911’s, especially in this gun here. In that regard, as far as a looks standpoint, this gun is amazing. This gun is pretty as hell.

All right. This is a 1911. I rarely heard of anyone telling me that a 1911 did not feel good in their hand or that a 1911 did not point straight for them. Quite frankly, this is where the 1911 excels, is the ergonomics. You really can’t mess up the ergonomic system of a 1911 until you start double stacking, doing all types of stuff like that. For the most part, a 1911 feels amazing in hand.

It just points.

It points straight, especially when you’re looking down the sights. It does what it needs to. One thing I really, really, really love about 1911’s, even though I’m not a fan of the back, of the grip safeties, is when you grab it, you cannot help but to get right up under the beaver tail to give you the most positive grip that you could attain from this gun. I love that.

The back checkering is probably… It’s really aggressive, but at the same time, it’s not too aggressive. To be honest with you, what I think helps out a lot with that is this grip safety. The lines, the checkering on the back strap is only about fifty percent of the back. The rest is the grip safety, so I think that in itself gives you just enough grip so that it doesn’t become uncomfortable.

I think that’s due in part to the large grip safety in the back. You do have the lines print and the checkering in the front, which isn’t as aggressive as the ones in the back. That’s also a good thing.

You also have checkering underneath the trigger guard, which is also a good thing. Through and through, this gun’s not coming out of your hand at all. Like, this gun’s going to stay in your hand, especially with the robust recoil of the 45 and such a small frame gun, you cannot beat this.

The trigger pull on the 1911 is bar none one of the lightest I’ve ever encountered.

Just like that, it’s the shortest travelling trigger I have ever encountered on a 1911. This is a production gun. Imagine those race guns you see, where the trigger pull is like nine… like one pound or half a pound. This gun just… The trigger is awesome. It’s so short, in fact, you don’t even need a reset, because it just… That’s the reset.

There’s not much take… Like, this is the take up on the 1911 trigger. That’s your take up. On a Glock, you start out here, come all the way back here, and that be your take up. On a 1911, that’s your take up before its break. The break’s really clean, really nice, really smooth, as you can see.

Of course, you’ve still got to contend with the grip safety sometimes if you don’t have it fully depressed down. The trigger on this gun is immaculate. I have to give it to them. It’s short uptake, nice, clean, crisp break. That’s with almost all 1911’s, so it’s not nothing that’s unique to this particular gun but a characteristic to all 1911’s for the most part.

That’s my take on the trigger.

The manual arms on a 1911 are pretty standard. They all come the same way. They all do the same thing. You have a grip safety. All right? You have a hammer. You have a beaver tail. You’ve got a slide safety. A slide stop. A trigger, skeleton eyes trigger. A magazine release. You have your sights.

Now since this is a carry gun, this gun has been outfitted with the night sights, three dart night sight on this gun. They are slightly raised. They are quality night sights. I’ll give them that. For the most part, the manual arms on the 1911 are pretty standard.

This gun is very, very carry friendly. With a shorter barrel, this gun excels as a carry concealed weapon. There’s no knocking that. It does come with a seven round capacity, which I’m not the hugest fan of. I mean, some people would argue that you get seven around the 45. That’s just kind of bullshit to me, but that’s another video.

From a size perspective, I think this gun works, especially considering I can get all three fingers on around the grip frame. That right in and of itself, size-wise compared to the Glock 26… Granted, it is taller, but it’s also considerably thinner. Then I get all three fingers around the firearm. I think that kind of speaks for itself from a carry standpoint, from a carry concealed standpoint.

As far as the size on this gun, it’s perfect almost. If I had to choose a 1911 to carry on a carry concealed basis. If I had to run a 1911, I would more than likely choose this.

I would more than likely go with the Kimber CDP, honestly simply because I really like the way it looks. That is a very piss poor reason to carry a gun, but I’m just going to be honest. If I had to carry a 1911, it would be this one, because it’s compact. It’s small. I’m not a huge fan of the round count, seven rounds. Eh.

I’m going to do a video. I’m going to video, and I might do a video comparing this to the Glock 36, simply because the round counts on those two things are about the same. The Glock 26 is a six plus one, I believe, and this is a seven plus one. In that regard, off the top, I’m saying this kind of nudges it ahead, because you get seven rounds in about the same size gun.

If I did have to carry it, I would carry this, but I don’t carry 1911’s. I carry plastic. From here on out, at this point, this and my 19 are pretty much going to be my carry guns.

If I had to carry a 1911, and for those people who are looking to carry a 1911, this is a great option. It’s a beautiful gun. It’s quality. I don’t really see any corners cut on this gun whatsoever. They really put some thought into this gun. I have to give it to Kimber for that.

It is based out of a custom shop, so I’m guessing that has something to do with it. For the most part, this is an excellent gun, and I would recommend it if you were looking to carry concealed with the 1911. This is the gun I think you should run with.

All right, folks. This is Mr. Colion Noir. I’m out.

  • burns

    The Glock 26 is a six plus one, this should be corrected.

  • burns

    Also you need 2 spare mags, 8 rounds are just not enough anymore.