1911 9mm Range Time: Not What You Thought Video

Hey guys, what’s up? David Merk here. Today we are going to be taking a look at a 1911. Not just any 1911. This is a 9mm, 1911. It’s made by Rock Island Armory. This is the tactical version. Of course, it already has a few upgrades to it. I did not do the upgrades myself. I actually purchased this firearm used, due to some complications that we have here in California with a roster of certain safe handguns. That roster still exists, however, there was a way to get guns off the roster if they were single shot exempt. There are probably a ton of videos about that, so I won’t get into it. Basically, it came down to me not being able to own an affordable 1911 in 9mm because it would be hard, after the first of this year, to purchase one. So, I purchased it used and I picked it up for about $650, or something like that, and it came with a bunch of extras and stuff. It came to almost $300 or $400 in extras, including four Wilson Combat Magazines here.  Obviously, the flared housing down here and I think it’s stainless steel, and there are a couple of other things in here, including this nice fiber optic site which really helps you to get on target. I don’t want to do a review video so much on the 1911 type gun because everybody and their mom have already done one. So, what I am going to do is basically talk to you guys about owning a 9mm, 1911 and how much fun it actually is.  What I am going to start off by saying is that this gun is awesome to shoot. Let’s go ahead and take some more shots here instead of just talking the whole time. Alright. Hopefully, you guys can see how much recoil this gun has, almost none. The reason for that is that it weighs in at almost about 2 ½ pounds unloaded and they are saying around 3 pounds loaded. I think the exact specifications are 1.14 kilograms for the unloaded weight and then 1.43 for the loaded weight. I don’t know how accurate those figures are, but that is what they are claiming in the book. I’m going to give it a couple more rounds here. It is, actually, getting kind of dark, so I’m going to try to keep this going here. Hopefully, you guys can see the recoil on this gun and how light it is. I’m going to only shoot at that green target right there and see how fast I can do it. I’m not really a good handgun shooter, but I’ll give it a shot. I think that was close to eight or nine shots. We are back here at about 20-25 yards. I don’t usually shoot closer than that because of the steel. I do know that people shoot much closer than that when they go to the ranges and stuff, but I find it more useful to train yourself to shoot at greater distances, because when you get closer you will have no problem hitting your target.  By the way, these targets are 12′ x 12′, AR500 steel targets. The first three on the left are the 12′ x 12′ and, I think, the one on the far right is probably a 10′ x 10′. Today we are shooting some Wolf Performance ammunition. Oh, am I bad, it is actually the military classics. I just picked up some of this stuff. Actually, I never used it before.  If you are wondering, this gun here, I think, had over 1,000 rounds on it when I got it, which wasn’t too much of a concern because I like shooting my guns and I don’t like to keep them in the safe. So, it’s been thoroughly broken in. The guy before me actually used it in competition shooting. He showed me some of the videos when I was buying it from him. He was doing really well with it and I could see why, because the weight to this handgun really keeps the muzzle down or otherwise you just shoot pretty fast with it. That’s probably the best thing I can tell you guys about this gun. You are going to have an awesome time shooting this gun. You will not go wrong getting a 9mm, 1911 regardless of what the 1911 purists say and whatever they tell you that you have to go .45 and all that nonsense. I mean, it’s not nonsense, it’s just their opinion. I just want to share my opinion that it is actually a really good gun to have.   Something in a 9mm with a lot of weight to it will allow you to have a better hit, I guess the ratio hits per shots fired, because the gun is going to help soak up some of that recoil even though there isn’t that much to a 9mm. I think this, here, is weighing at, you know. So, these are kind of lighter. It is a really nice, comfortable gun to shoot. In general, the 1911 type of gun is really nice and comfortable to shoot. Of course, this one has the ambidextrous safety, so I use that to put my thumb on there as well, as this mainspring housing here is a little bit larger, so that helps. Including this flared mag right here, my pinky actually comes down here and it sits in there, so it’s really nice. It aids, obviously, in changes. I don’t need it, but it came with it and it kind of looks nice. So, I’m just going to keep that the way it is. Overall, a really nice gun to shoot. The 9mm, 1911 is just an awesome gun.  Let’s go ahead and shoot the smaller one. Alright, I don’t know how many I hit on that one. It looked like it hit a good amount there. You guys can see that you can start shooting faster and faster with this gun because that weight really helps a lot. You heard me say it already, there is just so much weight to it that it helps. Now, being that it’s a little heavy, you can carry it right here. See if you guys can actually see it here. I have my paddle holster right there. Make sure it’s empty. Good. So, I have that nice paddle holster. I really like this holster. It keeps it nice and secure and has a button and at the last minute, you can draw it quickly. Awesome holster to have, I think, for any gun. That’s just a side note to show you guys what kind of holster that I am running with. Overall, being that it is heavy, what I was trying to get at is when you have it on your hip, it doesn’t feel like you are weighing down to one side or anything like that. It actually feels really comfortable. I think if you are going to be carrying the gun, that we are getting into a whole other issue. Maybe you need to look at getting a lighter gun because you are actually going to be concealed carrying it. So, that’s a whole separate thing. Where I’m coming from is actually more from a range standpoint. Having fun. Going to the range and plinking and using it as a nice target gun, or something like that. So, that’s where I think this gun actually has a good fit for anybody like that. Somebody who wants to do those kinds of things. If you are looking for home defense, look, any gun that shoots a bullet is pretty good for home defense, let me put it that way. A high velocity projectile flying through the air hitting an assailant is going to do some damage, so I wouldn’t be too worried about that.  Now, if you are wondering about hollow-points, which I am pretty sure somebody is going to ask, how does it function on hollow-points? Let me show you a couple of rounds. This is one of the guns that I keep by my bed. Here’s what happened to a round when I tried chambering it. It actually jammed the bullet in there a little bit because the feed ramp didn’t allow for it to really go in and it caused the bullet to nose dive and then jam the bullet in. In my opinion, this round is dangerous to fire because now you have changed the overall length, and you have actually changed the internal case capacity and you can get a little mini grenade going off in there. So, it’s not safe to shoot. I’m keeping these as a teaching tool. So, that has happened to two of the hollow-point rounds here/  Actually, I discovered the reason for that. The reason is that these full metal jacket rounds tend to go to the end of the magazine. When I mean the end, I mean all of the way to the front and then the hollow-points are, I think, slightly shorter. What happens is when the slide is coming forward and pushing this round towards the chamber and into the chamber, because there is a little bit less material on the front, it doesn’t really hit the feed ramp and actually kind of nose dives. Actually, it’s very interesting I found this. If I take the magazine and I load it with hollow-points and I tap it on the surface like this, I get all of the rounds to go to the front. Then when I insert the magazine, I can rack the gun and I’ll never have that problem where the bullet nose dives and smashes on the hollow-point. Now, I have discovered that, right. I noticed that is what it is doing and that’s how to fix the problem. However, now that you have heard what I said, would I recommend someone to use hollow-points in this gun and use if for home defense? Honestly, probably not. If you have that small, slim chance that, that could happen, that could decommission you for a couple of seconds and it would take some time for you to register, I need to get that round out of there and do it again. If you keep having that problem, that’s not good. So, I’m not going to say I recommend it from a home defense standpoint, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. You can use full metal jackets. Alright, so let’s go ahead and do a little bit more shooting here. I’m getting a little winded speaking to you guys. I always forget when I shoot all ten rounds because, normally, I shoot five to help me do magazine changes and train myself how to change magazines on this gun. Alright. What we are going to do here is we are going to switch up gears a little bit. We are going to get some reactive targets, and they are actually going to be sodas. So, give me a second to do that and I’ll load up as well. Alright, so we have a few sodas down there. Let’s see what happens. I actually haven’t shot this gun on any paper target yet, so I really don’t know exactly where it is hitting. So, we’ll find out right now, because when you shoot the steel you have a 12′ x 12′ plate so you are going to hit the steel, but you don’t know exactly where you hit. It looks like that third one just got knocked over. It’s really hard to tell where I’m hitting. You guys probably will be able to see, but I won’t. Plus, it’s getting dark here. There you go, it looks like I’ve put them all in. Let’s go ahead and shoot at some steel now. I don’t know if you guys caught that. It looks like I saw some sparks there. Now, as far as the quality of the Rock Island, 1911. If you were wondering, it does have some machining marks on the lower frame itself. Nothing really to be concerned about. Most of the stuff is really cosmetic. If you notice the finish on this gun, it kind of has a bluing-blackening kind of a deal on it. It’s not really painted, it’s not coated or whatever. Whatever the factory finish is. The previous owner, I guess, he wore it out a lot with holstering and tough training, so he finished it with some bluing-blackening agent. That’s why it looks kind of weird. The steel itself has a few machine marks down on the frame. The slide is in good shape. It doesn’t really have any sharp edges to the gun itself. Overall, it’s really nice and comfortable When I refinish it, I’m probably going to go through and sand it down and get it really nice. I’m going to prep the metal real well before I refinish it, which I plan on doing soon. You guys may also notice that it has Springfield Armory grips on there. The one reason they are there is because I like the wood grips and the previous owner had taken off the logo, so it really didn’t make a difference what grips I put on there, but I was going for the wood grips. First, quality wise, I wouldn’t be too concerned about it. If you are trying to get it as a shooter, it’s good. The factory finish is nicer than whatever this finish is. If I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have messed with it, but that’s the way it came, so that’s what I am working with. That’s just a few words on the quality of this 1911. Here are a few more rounds that I had laying around in that box. Some final thoughts on the gun and what I was trying to get at about how this gun is a really good range toy. If you are thinking about getting a 9mm, 1911, to be honest with you, you won’t go wrong. There is nothing really bad to say about it. Just the weight, if that is a concern for you. Maybe one thing I would like to point out to you is that maybe a female shooter, I am just assuming that the so-called female shooter is probably not into firearms as you are since I would say that the majority of my viewers are probably males, or somebody who is just getting into it, that this gun would really be nice to shoot for someone who is new to firearms because it is heavier and it is going to help with that recoil. Now, being that it is heavier, it might be harder for them to actually hold it for a long period of time, but it’s going to have a less felt recoil because of that weight. I’m just going to say if you can hit your target more often, you’re going to enjoy shooting or, whoever it is, will enjoy shooting and be more likely to come out and shoot more with you. In general, they will probably be more likely to get into the sport. That is probably something you want to think about. The 1911, 9mm is an awesome gun. You cannot go wrong with it. Regardless of what people are saying, this gun has been reliable. I think it has been about seven months since I’ve bought it and I have got about 600 rounds or so through it myself. I think I’ve hit about 600 rounds right about now and never had any failures or anything like that with it whatsoever. Awesome thing. One of the best recommendations to upgrades is probably a fiberoptic site, again, if you are using it as a range toy. Alright, guys. So, that’s the video for you guys today. Just a quick thing on a 9mm, 1911. If you guys have any comments or questions, please put that down below in the comment section. I do try to answer those. Other than that, that’s the video for you guys today. David Merk, signing out.