Army Chooses New Handgun – P320 Becomes M17

Army Chooses New Handgun - P320 Becomes M17

In what is certain to be one of the most important small arms contracts of the last few decades, the US Army announced on Thursday that Sig Sauer of New Hampshire had been awarded a $580 million contract under the

Can I Dry Fire It? – Caring for Your Firearm

Firing Pin - Dry Fire

For 2017, we wanted to look for ways to better reach the average shooter and answer any questions they might have. Among that, we have started to pay close attention to online communities to sniff out those most frequently asked

Major Recall – Sig Sauer MCX Replacement

Sig Sauer MCX Recall BCG

When the Sig Sauer MCX was released, the entire gun industry watched with baited breath. Many were excited to see this modular platform enter the market -an alternative to the AR-15 platform that really stood out as unique. With its

New CMC Glock Flat Trigger Announced

CMC Glock Trigger

If you are a dedicated AR builder, odds are you are familiar with CMC triggers. Whether you used one before or not, you likely know someone who trusts these triggers to get the job done right. They offer a crisp

A New Precision Adjustable Stock – Magpul News

While competitive shooters of any platform understand just how much the little changes can affect accuracy, the average shooter doesn’t always consider every variable. The fact is, most factory weapons are just fine as they are, providing enough accuracy for