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Battle Arms Development VERT BAD-PDW Monolithic PDW Lower Receiver & Stock System

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Battle Arms Development

Model: VERT
Finish/Color: Black

If you’ve never checked out the Battle Arms Development VERT BAD-PDW lower, now is the time to start. Building a rifle can be one of the most rewarding experiences as a gun owner and completing your build can mean having a gun that really lives up to your performance expectations. Whether you are a veteran at making your own AR rifles or you are just looking to get started for the first time, this lower comes with almost all of the parts you need to get started, including a stock system designed to perfectly complement the rest of the lower build.

Built to be a complete lower option that you can build from the ground up, this VERT lower includes virtually everything you need except for the trigger group assembly and parts. It is constructed from 7075-T6 aerospace grade aluminum and uses a type III, class 2, hard coat anodized finish over the exterior. It is compatible with any mil-spec bolt carrier and uses monolithic engineering for the best user experience. The buffer system is self-contained, which means you don’t have to worry about a proprietary system. Furthermore, it includes an adjustable PDW stock, which measures 4.75” when collapsed and 8.75” when extended.

So, if you want a battle rifle that is built with the best parts from the ground up, start with this Battle Arms Development VERT from Omaha Outdoors.


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