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Battle Arms Development Lightweight Titanium .750" Diameter Gas Block

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Stainless Steel Set Screws


Battle Arms Development



Finish/Color: Titanium

Built tough enough to last and designed to support even the most serious of rifle builds, this Battle Arms Development Lightweight titanium gas block is an excellent part to have in your possession. When you decide to build your own battle rifle, you are likely doing so because you realize this can be the most cost-effective way to get a truly reliable and accurate weapon. Rather than accept a basic factory build, customizing the AR design opens up a lot of potential and allows you to get a true tactical asset. Of course, this assumes that every part is built with mission success in mind, which is why this part can be so valuable.

Weighing in at a light .60oz, this innovative gas block uses a .750” diameter and features a unique “C-shaped” design that provides both extra visual appeal and unwavering reliability. It is precision CNC machined from grade 5 titanium and retains a grade 5 raw titanium finish to provide a more distinctive look. Of course, this distinctive look is supported by a system that works, ensuring each shot you fire through your new rifle will go through without fail. For easy installation, this gas block also includes 2 stainless steel set screws to get you started.

So, when you are after a low profile .750 gas block that was built with reliability in mind first, this Battle Arms Development Lightweight titanium gas block is definitely ready for the job.


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