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Battle Arms Development Lightweight Titanium Black IONBOND PVD .625" Diameter Gas Block

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Stainless Steel Set Screws


Battle Arms Development



Finish/Color: Black

Complete your AR-15 build with this Battle Arms Development Lightweight Titanium black IONBOND PVD gas block. When it comes to building a rifle, you might not put much thought into the gas system you use, but without proper attention to this critical component, you could end up with a new gun that has more jams than it does successful fires. Fortunately, quality components like this one are easy to find at Omaha Outdoors and once you place your order, you can start building a rifle ready for battle.

Weighing in at a light .48oz, this low profile .625 gas block is carefully constructed to ensure you can get the absolute best performance from your new rifle. It is precision machined using grade 5 titanium, which helps contribute to this light weight and ensures a durable construction. The IONBOND black PVD coating is resilient enough to stand up to the elements and offers a finish that will last. Thanks to the “C-shaped” profile, you can enjoy unrivaled performance with every shot you take. This block includes 2 stainless steel set screws, ensuring you are ready to connect it to your next build.

If you are after the absolute best level of performance in your next battle rifle and want to make sure all the rounds cycle without fail, this BAD IONBOND PVD gas block should definitely be on your shopping list.


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