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Aimpoint 3X MAG Red Dot Magnifier w/ TwistMount & Spacer

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When you decide to use a red dot on your hunting rifle it can be a difficult transition if you do not account for magnification. Many red dot sights today offer great optical solutions for the modern hunter, but if you shoot from any distance it can become difficult to see exactly where you are aiming. This is where the Aimpoint 3X MAG Red Dot Magnifier comes into play. With the ability to magnify up to 3x, you can get a much clearer look at your prey and ensure you always have the best accuracy in the field.

Featuring a lightweight and durable design, this module goes on right next to your red dot and allows for a seamless switch between close quarter red dot sights and a sniper-like sighting system. This model comes with a twist mount and spacer to ensure you can quickly affix it to your rifle next to the red dot.

When you need to magnify your red dot while still giving you the flexibility to switch to regular sights, this is the perfect accessory.


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