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Aimpoint 9000SC 4 MOA Red Dot Sight

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Scope Riings



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Battery Type:

2L76 or DL1/3N

Model: 9000SC

If you only collect firearms you don’t really have to worry about the accuracy of your weapons, but when you are serious about shooting you need to make sure every gun is outfitted with the proper sights. Though there are a variety of factors that affect the accuracy of your weapon, the sights are perhaps the easier to account for. When you need some sights that will keep up with regular use under a variety of situations, then you need the Aimpoint 9000SC 4 MOA Red Dot Sight.

Designed for use with short action rifles, semi-automatic weapons, and magnum handguns, this red dot has stood the test of time. For 10 years, Aimpoint has continued to offer this option because of its durable design and reliable functioning. Rated for 4 MOA accuracy, you can be assured that any grouping outside of this is not the result of faulty sights.

When you are looking for a red dot sight that has been around the block, then there are few better options out there than the 9000SC.


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