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Aimpoint 3X MAG Magnifying Module

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Though a red dot is a great way to improve your accuracy, there are certain times when you want magnification on your rifle. Of course, the modern tactical operator might encounter the need to switch back and forth between these two options, which has often presented a problem. In response to this challenge, shooters can check out the Aimpoint 3X MAG Magnifying Module. With its Twist Mount system, you can seamlessly switch between the regular red dot and a semi-sniper sighting system thanks to the magnification this handy attachment offers.

By affixing the 3x MAG module behind your red dot, you can adjust your sights to get the optics you really need during a tactical engagement. With its lightweight, durable construction, users can add this to their existing setup without worrying about adding too much bulk. It fits any standard picatinny rail and can be quickly affixed to your weapon of choice.

When you need to add a magnification option to your red dot without sacrificing any usability, this option from Aimpoint is the perfect one to consider.


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