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Today’s firearm marketplace is flooded with so many different options that it can be difficult to make the right choice. Ultimately, you need to look for a variety of important qualities in any gun you choose. First and foremost, you need something that is accurate enough to hits its mark. Second, you might look for reliability; a weapon that is built in a way that you know will fire every time you pull the trigger. Third, you want something durable enough to last, ready to take a beating and continue delivering that sort of reliability. Fourth, a handgun needs to be balanced in the right way to help support your shooting and make it easy to carry with you wherever you go. Of course, if you look for this type of handgun among the mass produced options today, you are not going to be able to meet all your criteria. Instead, you have to pick and choose the features that work and look for aftermarket upgrades to help bring up those features that don’t. This can get painfully expensive, costing thousands upon thousands if you can’t get it all in one place. Announced immediately after Shot Show 2016, the Agency Arms NOC may be just the kind of handgun you have been searching for.

Built Around the Glock Platform

Like the previous Agency Arms pistols, the NOC is developed primarily around the Glock platform. This gives it ultra-reliable internal workings, provides a super-durable foundation for the frame, and a slide that can be easily adjusted to achieve the absolute best in performance. Also like their other models, they look to improve upon virtually every aspect of the weapon by adding strategic cuts, an improved texture on the frame, and some adjustments to the trigger, barrel, slide, and more. Working with a 9mm Glock, the Agency Arms NOC leaves behind only the “safe action” system, which allows for point-and-shoot accuracy, the easy takedown switch for cleaning, and the integral accessory rail on the frame. Otherwise, virtually everything is changed.

Setting Apart the Agency Arms NOC

Working to create something a bit different, the NOC starts things out with a G19 frame by Lone Wolf and a custom compact slide. Overall, it measures out to be the length of a G17 though, which means it will fit in a standard full-size holster. The frame has been modified in-house by Agency Arms by adding an aggressive accelerator cut thanks to the depth achievable on this design. They also modify the beavertail to ensure you avoid any slide bite and work with stippling to create the most comfortable and stable gripping environment. Like other Agency slides, this one features weight reduction cuts and some additional slide serrations to make cocking the weapon a breeze. Setting it apart from the crowd, it comes with a compensator threaded onto the barrel in a way that maximizes accuracy and usability across the board with various popular ammo types. The recoil assembly comes available in either 13, 15, or 18 lbs., making it easy to find a configuration that fits your needs. The reported 4.25 lb. trigger pull is comparable to other modified Glock models on the market, so it should appeal to a wide variety of shooters out there today.

More Unique Product Features

In addition to these standard features, it is important to remember that this gun uses a 3.9” barrel. That barrel is available in a variety of finishes, including TiN (titanium nitride) gold, or with a DLC (diamond like carbon) coating. The standard Warren Tactical sights provide a clear picture of your target, while the optional RMR battle plate introduces the ability to quickly attach a Trijicon red dot for use in the field. It is a true sight tracking Glock and, thanks to the host of features the already light 9mm round feels like there is virtually no recoil, allowing for the best follow-up shots and the most consistent performance wherever you go. So, when you are ready to take your shooting to the next level, look no further than an extraordinary Agency Arms NOC from Omaha Outdoors. Featuring all of the best qualities you have come to trust from Glock and some of the most advanced upgrades to bring it a cut above your ordinary carry pistol, this new offering is sure to get the job done. If you have any questions about these features, go ahead and give us a call directly for immediate assistance. Otherwise, simply select the gun you need from below and place your order. We pride ourselves in fast shipping and quality customer service, and your new firearm is just a few clicks away.


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