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The Glock is one of the most popular weapon systems on the market today. As a pistol, it is durable, accurate, and lightweight, making it ideal for many defensive shooters. However, it could always use some additional work, which is why so many companies are beginning to offer modification packages to improve its performance. Of course, most of these companies focus on the competition shooter, and odds are that is not what you are looking for. If instead you want a customized option that is built for the modern warrior, Agency Arms may be the right company to look at.

Understanding the need for a good self-defense pistol all too well, Omaha Outdoors works to keep a variety of Agency Arms products in stock and ready to ship. This not only allows us to offer some of the quickest shipping times in the industry today, but it also provides you with the tools you need to find everything for your pistol. Using our handy sorting features, you can narrow down the options to navigate to just the right item for your needs. If you have questions, please pick up the phone and call us directly. We look forward to earning your business.

The Latest and Best in Firearm Development

Though they have only recently entered the playing field, Agency Arms is already being recognized around the industry for its innovative approach to firearm customization. Founded in January of 2015, this company does not actually manufacture any new weapons of its own but it does look to unlock the potential of many popular weapon systems on the market today. The company is veteran and law enforcement owned, and working from its headquarters in Camarillo, California it provides custom cuts and trigger modifications to give shooters the highest level of performance. Whether for competitive use or just for accurate and reliable performance in the field, they know what it takes to deliver.

Custom Cut Glock Slide from Agency Arms

With its popularity, durability, and general quality in manufacturing, Agency Arms selected the Glock as their primary weapon to begin with. This allows them to reach a wider number of consumers and also provides a solid foundation to make performance enhancements. The slide is usually the first place they start and they work with a variety of different configurations to give shooters some excellent options.

Their Urban Comfort approach is one of the most popular options for civilians who are looking to improve concealed carry performance. This package begins with an Agency Battle Plate on the rear of the slide, providing a good look and a way to attach your alternative optics. After this, they apply a weight reduction cut in the center of the slide, shedding away some unneeded bulk. Moving towards the front, they apply 3 windows, which not only cuts back on the weight but helps with heat management. Finally, they use 7 rear slide serrations and 5 front serrations to provide an easy way to rack the slide under pressure.

The Field Battle Package is made for those who might need to take their pistol into battle. In this version, they make similar slide serrations, offering 7 to the rear, but instead of 5 they place 8 total front serrations for more gripping surface. They still use the Agency Battle Plate and the weight reduction cuts in the middle, but they drop the windows, as this could lead to debris entering the system in the field. Finally, the Hybrid slide uses the basics of the Field Battle but adds in a single, top slide window near the front, giving a nice balance and some extra heat dissipation.

Working with the Frame for Quality Performance

In addition to the slide adjustments, you will want to make sure that your frame is up to spec if you want to succeed in today’s urban jungle. The first thing Agency does in this adjustment is to remove the finger grooves, allowing you to select where you put your hand rather than being forced to accommodate the gun. Next, they used a special, more comfortable grip texture, which improves your hold on the weapon while maintaining maximum comfort. From there, they place some special cuts on the frame, allowing for a better grip profile and ensuring smooth performance. Most notably, their Accelerator Cut allows downward pressure to help control muzzle rise during use.

Adjusting the Stock Trigger without Compromising

Setting itself apart from many companies on the market today, Agency Arms does not look to complete replace the trigger assembly. They realize that there are some definite advantages to OEM parts, which is why their first job with the trigger is to remove it and re-polish all parts. The only parts that they do switch out are the trigger shoe, which is replaced with a flat-faced Agency shoe, and the plunger safety spring, which is replaced for smoother performance. Using an OEM minus connector, they drop the trigger pull down slightly, putting it to a smooth 4.25 lb. pull that provides better performance in the field. Other than this, they believe the OEM parts work perfectly with their adjustments and it allows the gun to take any ammo you might be accustomed to using.

Using Agency Arms Magwells for Faster Reload Times

Unlike most custom options on the market, Agency Arms magwells looks to work with the natural curves of the frame. Instead of having a completely flat magwell, they offer a contoured design. This helps maintain a natural appearance, but more important that this it will work better for concealed carry. Despite its factory formed shape, it is still compatible with any of the most popular aftermarket baseplates. Overall, the widened lips allow for faster reloading and smoother performance when the need to reload arises.

New for 2016

At Shot Show 2016, this company looked to shake thing up yet again as it offered a glimpse into some future projects. The first was the Project NOC, which would features the best of technological upgrades to ensure smooth performance from start to finish. It is a completely custom option that uses a Lone Wolf compact frame, unique new stippling, precision cuts on the slide, and of course relies on Agency Arms match grade barrels to deliver accuracy every time. Overall, it measures out as long as a full-size model while the compact frame size makes for an exceptional carry experience. It is chambered in 9mm and offers a custom compensator in with the slide, providing for performance that anyone can handle. With 15 rounds at the ready, it is sure to impress.

In collaboration with Primary Weapons Systems, AXTS, Dead Air, and Bootleg, they also announced another special product for release: the Agency Arms Classified AR-15 rifle. This is one of the most advanced collaborative efforts as far as the AR platform is concerned and offers all of the best features to keep you on target. It relies on a forged upper and lower receiver, but the weight is reduced thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques. It is chambered in .223 Wylde with a 1:8 twist on the barrel and relies on ambidextrous controls to allow for anyone to use. With a Dead Air Pyro compensator and flash hinter suppressor mount and a Bootleg 4-position bolt carrier group (BCG) it offers exceptional performance with every type of ammo.

Agency Arms Accessories for Those Who Prefer DIY

Of course, you may be one of those shooters who prefers to do everything yourself. If that is the case, Agency Arms also offers plenty of options for you. One of the popular packages is their drop-in trigger assembly. This uses the modifications you would get from the custom work but allows you to order the trigger to install on your own. If you like the feel better, you might also consider Agency Arms flat-faced triggers. Alternatively, you might pick up either the Gen 3 or Gen 4 magwell. Once again, this follows the same design as it would if you ordered it directly from Agency Arms. Whatever you choose, make sure you have the gunsmithing knowledge required to make a proper install.

At Omaha Outdoors, we understand that shooting is more than just a pastime for many. Instead, it is a way to keep you and your family safe and secure. These guns was designed as a customized option for those who understand this, and we are proud to present their products to you with the convenience of our online shopping system. If you have any additional questions about their products or about our ordering process, please pick up the phone and give us a call directly. When you need the best Agency Arms Glock for sale online, remember to look no further than your friends here at Omaha Outdoors.

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