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Agency Arms Glock 19 Stainless Steel Octogonal Fluted Barrel

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416R Stainless Steel


Agency Arms

Model: Glock 19 Barrel
Finish/Color: Stainless Steel

Designed for the absolute best performance when every millimeter matters, this Agency Arms Glock 19 stainless steel barrel is ready to perform. Are you preparing for a competition and know that the Glock’s safe action system is just what you need for accuracy? Or, do you want a carry handgun that can consistently deliver those shots with the tightest tolerances when it counts? Whichever is the case, this option stands out among Glock barrels and is sure to deliver quality when you need it most.

Crafted from 416R stainless steel, this specific component maintains a natural stainless finish to keep it safe from the elements. The feed ramp is polished for the best reliability and the crown is both beveled and polished to support intuitive reliability. It uses pulled broached rifling and offers a 1:10 twist to maintain accuracy with every shot. With octagonal fluting on the barrel, it is better able to dissipate heat as you fire and effectively maintains accuracy with every shot you take. Of course, this also reduces the weight of the barrel, achieving a better balance and allowing for a greater degree of control.

If you have been looking for a match grade barrel that will always deliver the best in performance, this upgrade by Agency Arms is ready to deliver.


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