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Every once in a while, a company makes that one big discovery that forever ensures it will stay in the limelight for years to come. Names like Beretta, Colt, Winchester, etc. all fall into this category, bringing about innovations that have kept the firearm industry strong. When it comes to ammunition, Advanced Armament Corp has made a name for itself with the 300 Blackout round and continues to use that to deliver quality options for all shooters.

With a variety of great tactical options available, Omaha Outdoors carries all variety of products from this innovative company to ensure that shooters can always have the tools they need. This includes silencers, rifles, and all variety of accessories. When you are looking to buy from an authorized dealer, you won’t find a place that offers better service.

About Advanced Armament Corp

Founded in 1994, Advanced Armament Corp is probably best known for introducing the increasingly popular 300 AAC Blackout round. Based out of Huntsville, Alabama, they work with more than just ammunition though, producing silencers, rifles, and a variety of helpful accessories. Originally established to produce suppression systems, they quickly grew to be one of the largest in the industry and still offer some great options today.

AAC Silencers For Sale

Of course, Omaha Outdoors does not only have all manner of blackout AAC rifle for sale. We also carry a variety of other tactical accessories, such as AAC suppressors and silencers. For those who are looking for a great silencer for their 5.56, the M4-2000 could be an excellent option. This silencer comes in at just over a pound and features an easy on and off ratchet mount system, which helps ensure you can take it on or off in seconds.

Another popular option is the Cyclone silencer, which is fit for the Advanced Armament 300 blackout round. This will fit with any of your AAC Advanced Armament rifles and provides a great amount of recoil reduction, which can help increase accuracy on follow up shots. Weighing in at 22.4 ounces and adding 8.75” to the rifle length, it may not be the most compact addition, but it certainly does the job. Testing shows that it reduces noises as much as 95% and the design ensures precision accuracy with the rifle barrel.

For pistol shooters, the Ti-Rant series of silencer has proven to be a popular option. They offer versions for both the 9mm and .45 pistol and both come in a light-weight design that helps to reduce both sound and recoil felt while firing. Overall, Omaha Outdoors makes it easy to buy AAC gun silencer online, ensuring you always have the right tools for your shooting needs. We also carry a variety of other AAC tactical rifle accessories, which ensures you can get everything that you need in one convenient place.

AAC Firearms

As the originator of the increasingly popular Advanced Armament 300 blackout round, AAC Advanced Armament offers a variety of great rifles for sale. The MPW manufactured by Advanced Armament comes in either a 16”, 12.5” or 9” barrel configuration and makes a great tactical rifle for those looking to get something for home defense. It features a classic AR-15 design, which allows it to hold 30 rounds of the powerful blackout ammunition while still delivering that great ballistic performance.

Finally, the Handi-Rifle is an excellent choice for those just starting out with the 300 AAC cartridge or those who need a great hunting option. It features a durable construction like all other AAC rifles and allows for one of the lowest recoil firing experience as is. Alternatively, the Model 7 was built specifically for hunting and target shooting, offering a light-weight platform that will work under stress. It is both corrosion and wear resistant and comes ready to perform in the field.

AAC Accessories

Advanced Armament also makes a variety of muzzle devices, brakes, and other accessories to help make your shooting experience the best. If you want quality ways to improve your weapon without impacting performance, then you should definitely look at some of their great accessories. This will help give you the firearm you really need when it counts.

Shooters will also be able to find anything they need from pistons, pins, tools, and whatever else you might need to keep your rifle working at its best. Part of keeping a high-quality rifle involves performing the necessary maintenance, and with the tools offered by AAC at Omaha Outdoors you should be able to get everything you need. Check around and you’ll find that we carry all variety to give you the best chance.

Omaha Outdoors does its best to make sure that all of your Advanced Armament Corp needs are met, which is why we keep such a wide variety of products in-stock. Whether you are looking to get your next rifle or simply looking to add a suppressor to your existing build, this allows you to quickly and conveniently get what you need and move on to more important things. The best part is, all of the AAC products offered at Omaha Outdoors come with our attentive and individualized service. This way you not only get the convenience of online shopping, but have the support you need when you have questions.

Please contact us today and ask about how we can help you get what you need from AAC.

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